I Spent One Glorious Hour Playing Sony's PlayStation 4 | Business Insider

By Chris Anderson: "The PlayStation 4 is a slick machine. Let's just get that out of the way immediately. I had an hour to play some games and try out some features.

The hour long demo was held at the Bryant Hotel in New York City. The Sony guys offer snacks and drinks. This is not part of the PS4 package at retail, so don't expect jams and pastries to come in the box when PS4 launches on November, 15 2013.

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xHeavYx1824d ago

Lucky bastard! Gets to go to a hotel, has a feast AND gets to play on the PS4 for a whole hour.
Interesting also what he had to say about the PS eye.

"I was surprised at the deep motion capability of the camera and the controller. I wasn't expecting it to be so fleshed out."

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

well i actually Played the Ps4 today at the mall.. andd i wasnt amazed..

you guys can check my shit im sony all the way..

listen the controller fit perfectly in your hand but the controller is actually much smaller in person then in pictures. the controller takes a bit of time to get used to it. i expected more from the controller to tell you the truth..

i played the demos they had Fifa, knack and the graphics were alright guys but the gameplay was really smooth that was my favorite part maybe its because the internet is hyping it so much.

so yeah i know its short but i dont feel like typing so much if you have questions ask..

i think the internet is hyping it up so much that i expected it to be so damn good.. but dont get yur hopes up.. Ps4 is cool though..

i am looking forward to playing with the UI.. couldnt do that with the kiosk ps4..

this is forreal im not bullshiting no body and im not paid by microsoft. lol

xHeavYx1824d ago

Well, you only played FIFA and Knack... I wouldn't be that impressed either with those 2 games

ZBlacktt1824d ago

Thanks for your opinion. As I was very impressed when I played it. But I played much more then Knack and Fifa. Two games that are not really showing the consoles potential at all.

GentlemenRUs1824d ago

Everyone has different opinions, I respect that.

As long as your not a troll then its fine :)

Kingthrash3601824d ago

lucky bastud sat in front of 2 ps4's....mocking me with his smerk. man it's HELL waiting on heaven!

tiffac0081824d ago

I'm hitting the disagree button because you got to try the PS4 and I'm envious of you and the author of this submission.


ohiostatesman1824d ago

I personally think the PS4 doesn't look great to me. Not a fan of the slanted design. Looks like it was flattened. The controller isn't comfortable to me either. Gives my hand cramps. Asymetrical design thats with the X1 controller is far superior in my opinion.

xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ Ohio
That's because you've never been near a PS4 in your life, nice try though

strickers1823d ago

The pad was outstanding and immediately comfortable to me. I was even decent at Octodad with it.

thisismyaccount1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ Unrivaled

The Life of Br... i mean of a Troll! It must be a tough one to be a troll, everything you touch or interact with seems diminutive... we feel sorry for you, poor troll.

Sadly there is nothing you can do about it, maybe write a letter to Sony and asked them for a "DS4 for Trolls" who suffer from elephantiasis.

Then you can have fun as well with the DS4, until then stay in your cave and avoid the sunlight are my advice to you.

The DS4 Community Product Manager for "large audience"...

Quote unrivaled

"i played the demos they had Fifa, knack and the graphics were alright guys but the gameplay was really smooth that was my favorite part maybe its because the internet is hyping it so much."

Is this suppose to be a form of criticism or what ?! <great graphics> BUT......

FullMetalTech1823d ago

The ones at the Mall are demo stations and are playing older builds of games. What the author played was a full retail version of the system and games. So youre definately gonna see a difference in visuals and the gameplay when the full retail versions are out.

mabreu1823d ago


Your opinion is valid. I've remembered playing the PS3 in the Sony Tower in NYC just a few days before launch date and it was also underwhelming. But, I was playing Ridge Racer and Resistance at the time. Neither one of those games justified purchasing a PS3. I bought the PS3 a few months after and played much better games like COD4, Elder Scrolls, and Rock Band.

This happens with all console launches. Games are not heavily developed due to low install base. Studios can't spend millions on a game and sell it on a new console that will have an install base of 500k at most. They will loose a lot of money.

Dfooster1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

To be fair I don't stop to think how much my console is impressing me when I play gta v I think how much rockstar have impressed me and same the other way round, if a game is bad I don't point the finger at my console.

Obviously the machine has some grunt but it will take time to see that power utilised. That's why I'm not interested in demoing a ps4 except to try out the game pad. I'm also not interested in buying one until some killer titles are released.

It's all about the games and there's still plenty of good titles I haven't tried on this gen yet

Saithraphim1823d ago

Any hardware can be over hyped, but the PS4 i think is as advertised. Those games aren't the best to go with, and what you said about the controller, i think its smaller than a lot of pictures make it seem BUT its one, not smaller than the current controller and 2, its still a lot more comfortable and easier to win win either way.

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Bigpappy1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Why do they not demo the game that people really want to play (KillZone). May be the pre-orders are so high that they are trying to reduce hype.
Most hands on events don't have Killzone. It is mostly played behind closed doors. I know the writer played it

xHeavYx1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

What? How? I don't even... Reduce the hype of the console you are asking?

DEEBO1824d ago

If this demo was in a store Sony or MS are not allowed to demo M rated games because of little children.

Rhythmattic1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Big Pappy....

Im in total agreement with your 1st sentence...

As for the second... I give you a WTF ?

good pont.

xHeavYx1824d ago

I was so baffled by your comment that I didn't realize the phone chose the word "asked" instead of "selling"

strickers1823d ago

It was at Eurogamer ? I didn't play it though. The queue was too big and I already know I'm likely to sink 50 hours into multiplayer.

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1824d ago
JackISbacK1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

i have also spent time with ps4 ,but with me its 2 times.yeah it is a super cool device its controller is 10x better than ds3 ,i usualy use to play games on xbox 360 or on my pc and only exclusive in ps3 .yeah i also played kz shadow fall first ,this time ds4 is more lot better for shooter games ,its comfortable it was funn to shoot enemies with comfortable controller ,i was not amazed with kz:sf ,though the graphics are crisp and amzing but are not very big jump from current gen ,but i have no problem with that,the game is little open but not diiferent from kz12and3 yeah game is not up to the level of cod,bf and farcry ,stealth is there but not suprising like farcry 3 .but it is still ok, graphics are good and gameply is also not that bad,but i dont know what will be result after release. i also played knack ,driveclub and bf4 on it and i will say bf4 was my faviorate ,and yeah again ds4 is amzing for shooters. i also used its ui and it is satisfieng.but my experience with xbox one was also amazing i played all of their exclusive and i liked them very much.but they were also not the big graphic jump leaving ryse that was realy breath taking.i also used xbox controller with titanfall and it is realy the biggest competitor of ds4 and that was also very cool like xbox 360 controller and ds4.

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ZBlacktt1824d ago

Great story! Thanks for sharing it!

s8anicslayer1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I got to play the PS4 at my local Sony store and it was great to finally see it in action last week, I just wish they demoed KZ and maybe Madden instead of FIFA here in the states. Soccer is not very popular here unlike NFL. Octodad was frustrating me to learn how to open the medicine cabinet as I hear it is meant be that way. Knack was ok but to me I was more impressed by the level of detail displayed by FIFA14 and it's fluid gameplay.

JackISbacK1823d ago

i also played knack and was not impreseed by it ,but biggest impresiion was bf4 and is realy amzing with ds4 ,but i was not amazed with kz shadow fall as its not to the level with bf4,cod ghost and halo ,i want to see an exclusive shooter competiting with halo but this time it will not be,may be some other time ,but kz is most beautiful looking game on ps4 so far and ryse on xbox one ,i hope we will see more amazing games on ps4 as no launch exclusive will fullfil our demands and no doubt otherr ps4 exclusives willl be amzazing.

ruefrak1824d ago

According to Kotaku, you're supposed to feel blah about playing the PS4. That hype you're feeling needs to go away.

mixelon1824d ago

That was just one guy's opinion at kotaku. I dont think they told anyone how they should be feeling too.

Im actually surprised the reaction across the board for both consoles from the press hasnt been more "meh" - it must be hard not to get jaded when they have to jump through the same hoops again and again to have access to very limited content. I dont rhink the users' experience will be much like the journalists'.

sAVAge_bEaST1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I doubt it , launch day-.. BF4, and KZ;SF. will be one big party.

RobbyGrob1823d ago

I don't think getting rid of the hype would make people cancel their preorders anyway.

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