WB Games Montreal Was "Hesitant" To Make Batman: Arkham Origins

WB Games Montreal Senior Producer Ben Mattes said in a recent interview that developers within the company were “hesitant” at first to make Batman: Arkham Origins after hearing fan skepticism about them building the game instead of Rocksteady.

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sGIBMBR1821d ago

Been playing this game for the last 2 hours... Glad they decided to make it :)

Pintheshadows1821d ago

I've been playing it for about 6 hours now and I totally agree with you.

I'm actually leaning towards preferring it over Arkham City which felt unfocused at times due to its story being at odds with its open world. I preferred Asylum in that regard. However Origins story allows Batman a bit more freedom as he is the centre piece of it so the open world works. The side activities feel less at odds with the story than before as well and the map is impressively large and packed with things to do. The story is compelling and well written, the snow and the music give it a bleak gothic feel, the boss battles are unbeliveably well executed.

sGIBMBR1821d ago

For me it's too early to tell if I prefer Origins over Arkham City just yet, I will wait until I've played a larger portion of the game before I pass full judgement.

What I will say is that Arkham City was so good that this game could fall below it's predecessors and still be an amazing game.

This game so far has returned everything I liked about the 2 previous Batman games, plus added more, this is why I am enjoying it so much, and thus, glad they decided to make it.

I hope you continue to enjoy the game.

Ezz20131821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

ok i'm 42% now with more than 12 hours
and this game only get better and better
it really in it own league now against AA/AC
it is the best batman game this gen for me
and my 2nd best game this year/gen after TLOU

Dat shiva fight :D

1821d ago
Eddie201011821d ago

This game looks amazing on PC, better than the first two and that's saying a lot. Combat seems a little smoother too. I have only played about three hours of the game so far and it seems very much like the first two games with some small differences, enjoying so far.

Avengingkinght921821d ago

Guys enjoy the game and ignore the haters lol They just can't accept that Arkham Origins is a good game an that WB Montreal is a good developer.

Deadpoolio1821d ago

They're too busy crying about how it's either a prequel so it sucks or it wasn't made by rocksteady so it sucks

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

so I guess this is worth picking up judging from the comments. ..I'll buy it today then.