Capcom is Apparently Working on a New Fighting Game After All

Well, as it stands now, it’s only in the planning stages. Meaning that they have no engine, no characters, no graphics, etc. to show and on top of that, the platform on which this future fighting game will be played on is currently undecided so it literally can be for anything ranging from Xbox 360- PS3 to Xbox One- PS4 or it could be a WiiU exclusive like what Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was for the Wii.

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XboxFun1818d ago

Yea, I found it hilarious too how the internet and some on this site took Ono saying they didn't have enough resources as Capcom was going out of business.

But I am mad that they used a pic of Project Justice! My hopes went super high when I saw it.

porkChop1818d ago

Capcom actually pretty much is going out of business. Their financial situation is really, really bad right now. As of September they only had $152m in the bank, which is dangerously low for a publisher of their size. Capcom could very likely disappear in the next couple years if they continue the way they've been going.

TheOtherVitaOwner1818d ago

Pretty sure your talking out of your ass

Deadpoolio1818d ago

Did that hurt when you pulled it out of your ass...Cause that's a pretty big tale....They aren't going out of business, they just need to get their crap together and NO that doesn't mean put resident evil back in 1996 like you fanboys want

porkChop1818d ago

"Pretty sure your talking out of your ass"

I'm not. It's the truth. Capcom is in a really bad situation right now and with development costs increasing next gen Capcom may not be able to sustain itself. It's so bad that earlier this year Capcom announced that they'd cancelled multiple projects which cost them a huge loss of $73m.

1818d ago
chrissx1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Capcom had better get their shit together this coming next-gen. Not impressed by their ways these days.That said hope its somthing rly good they workn on

Flipgeneral1818d ago

They've tarnished their name with their milking practices

They need to win back the loyalty of their customers and stop bastardising their IP,s. breath of fire a mobile game?? I mean come on

jimmywolf1818d ago

agree very much it reminds me of the saying "pride cometh before the fall"

really hope they do a 180 an learn from this an they get better

am sure DLC seem like easy money in till people caught on your milking them

Skate-AK1818d ago

That's interesting. Two developers at Capcom mention Rival Schools in a 2 month period.

Hicken1818d ago

Now if only they'll announce the damn game.

.. though, to be honest, I'm a little worried about what they'd do to the series if they DID make another one. I mean, look what they did to Breath of Fire...

ghostrider321818d ago

Meh. Their new fighting game will most likely have characters hidden on the disc and false advertised ad DLC later. Just like Street Fighter X Tekken. They never learn.

Austin481818d ago

I hope capcom can fix resident evil or at least reboot it no more action I want survival horror like evil within oh and deadpollio resident evil needs to go to its roots oh but you are probably the type that likes call of duty quit talking out of your ass