Best Reasons to Play GTA IV on PS3

GameDaily first gave you the reasons to play the new Grand Theft Auto on 360, now they flip sides and give you reasons you'll want to play it on PlayStation 3.

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toughNAME3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Now that I know the reasons...I still think I'm going to go with the better version

sonarus3834d ago

This is even more stupid than the last game daily article.

That being said both versions are the same in my eyes. However custom soundtracks are really really leaning me towards 360 version especially now that i know home isn't going to make it. Then again i could always listen to the radio.

DLC is great and all but its not for me

cloud360-7th_account3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

how you do guys?

i am just here to confirm that this article is made so the website doesnt lose its reputation and audience

the website is obviouslly bias and they seem to prefer the 360

Thank you my N4g family for gettign me back. also some of the stuff on this list is put there as if it is to annoy ps3 owners. e.g the way they say ps3 doesnt need downlaodable content

Kain813834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

oh i would think about it, if you will invest for the 360 version.
the chance to take a RROD is extrem High.
And i think that Sony will release a Firmware update with custom sountrack, in-game XBM and in-game communication very soon.

PS: i have waited long enough for this game and i will not risk it with RROD my opinion

sonarus3834d ago

I got a 360 Christmas of 2006...(thats right it was a gift ps3 fanboy in me probably wouldn't let me buy it)

Anyway that was over a yr ago i figure if it hasn't RROD'd by now i probably got a die hard unit

IntelligentAj3834d ago

These reasons are just as useless as the ones for the 360. Are you people serious? Nah they can't be serious..

Bathyj3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

I dont care what games got what. As long as the 2 versions aren't vastly different then I'll never get another Multiplatform game on XBox. I'm phasing it out. I havent bought a game on it since Mass Effect. That way when it dies again, and it will, at least I wont be left with a huge library of games. Actually I do have a huge library of games but except for Gears, Halo, and the Tom Clancys most of it is not crucial. So while it might sound just a fanboy rant to some, this guys reason hits home to me because I wont be buying a 4th machine.

Kain813834d ago

my friend told me the same thing about his 360 LOL( he bought it 2 month after lunch) and his 360 died this Februar.
But it was not the RROD it was the DVD-Drive that died on him.

boodybandit3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

They are not even out yet so how does anyone know which is superior (if either actually is over the other it most likely will be subjective anyway)?

Bathyj I am almost doing the same. I haven't turned on my 360 since Hotshots Golf was released in the U.S. and now I am playing GT5P non stop. I am leaning towards picking up GTAIV on the PS3 because of familiarity with the controller with that particular title.

The only game I am looking forward to on the 360 this year is Gears of War 2.

barnes3and13834d ago

I have both systems but I really think RROD will keep me from buying the 360 version. I'm worried about it in the summer in my apartment. So I'll go PS3 unless best buy is sold out tuesday morning then i'm taking whatever I can get.

oh well. fantastic regardless of system.

ericnellie3834d ago

Are these reasons a joke? I can think of a lot better reasons to buy this for the PS3 than - "we don't need no stinkin' DLC" or "at least the PS3 works"
At one point it says we don't need DLC, then it says "hey we'll get DLC anyway".....I'm not understanding the logic here???

yesah3834d ago

GameDaily is the most retarded gaming journalist on the face of the planet. Its obvious they released this so try to seem neutral.

But its pretty obvious their not.....

"Xbox 360 fanatics love shoving their exclusive downloadable content in our faces, but we could care less. By the time Rockstar releases it, we'll be too busy playing big games like Gears of War 2."

joydestroy3834d ago

i'm with you. this article is just as stupid as the one from yesterday giving reason to pick the 360 version. people just want crap to wine about like little babies. just buy the game! who cares what platform it's on, you'll have fun no matter what, guaranteed.

Silellak3834d ago

From now on I'm just going to post this picture in every article about the PS3 vs. 360 versions of GTA4.

prunchess3834d ago

untill they piss off every gamer on N4G!

jessupj3834d ago

Again the writter should have said "could NOT care less". And people that say "could care less" should stop and think and realise what they are actually saying. I know it's off topic but it really annoys me.

Whatever happens both ps3 and xbox fans are going to be like little school girls enjoying this game. Unlike me how doesn't have a next gen console yet. *cry*

jadenkorri3834d ago

i love that pic it was awsome

but yeah i agree this 360 vs ps3 rants from gamesdaily are retarded, i say stp going to them for being biased to 360, this si just to make it seem their not, but the reason were pretty bad for why to play it on ps3...people are gonna get GTA4 on the console they own, if they own both then i don;t know what there gonna base there decision on, but they will buy one or the other..

Mystery_Person3834d ago

"Do you hear that annoying hum? Oh wait, no you don't. That's because the PS3 is silent like a ninja." haha I loved that part.

samfk3834d ago

ok was the dude who wrote this article saying why ps3 version will be better? or was he trying to argue why he likes the ps3 better? most of his points had no logic apart from fanboyism (hence) no logic !!you can argue till your blue in the face which console is better both have there gud points ! whereas which version is better well IT AINT OUT YET MAN WAT A P....!!

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solar3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

i knew they would make this list. yet this one didnt have laughable cons like short cable for recharging controllers and HD cables. damage control confirmed.

edit: now they have released more reasons from the 4 the article was originally posted on their site. totaling 7 now.

xjoshbx3834d ago

Look at #3...

"We don't need no stinkin' downloadable content
Xbox 360 fanatics love shoving their exclusive downloadable content in our faces, but we could care less. By the time Rockstar releases it (rumors point to fall), we'll be too busy playing big games like Gears of War and Fallout 3. There's no chance in hell that we'll stop playing Fallout 3 for some extra cars and missions."

We will play Gears on ps3??? Wow these guys need to proof read before they put this s*it out. I however will be playing GTA IV on my ps3

solar3834d ago

hahahhahaha! i just noticed that. i thought it said God of War. and no i dont believe he is referring to ps3 owners in that statement.

"Xbox 360 fanatics love shoving their exclusive downloadable content in our faces, but we could care less. By the time Rockstar releases it (rumors point to fall), we'll be too busy playing big games like Gears of War and Fallout 3. There's no chance in hell that we'll stop playing Fallout 3 for some extra cars and missions."

Maldread3834d ago

Hehe i just commented on the same thing. Don`t make sense at all, except to bring out a LOL ;)

heyheyhey3834d ago

doh! i think you guys mis-understood

i think it meant that gamers in general wont be interested in the DLC because plenty of new games will be out

solar3834d ago

but why in an article telling you how you should buy GTAIV for your "ps3" (as in some gamers only have 1 of the HD consoles) would they refer to GeoW? and the context of the statement implies your a ps3 gamer.

ATLRoAcH3834d ago

...they meant God of War 3. Its still funny though. Fallout 3 will be a great game. This week is going to kill me.

waltercross3834d ago

This is damage control, and whoever is writing it
needs to be fired anyways because all It's doing
is fueling console wars and flame wars.

Yeah what the "writer meant" was: That the 360
will have new games by the time the DL stuff comes
out so who will want to spend money on the new
DL stuff when you can get a new good game?.

But he said it in a weird way, people can easily
confuse that with him talking about the PS3.

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Anything but Cute3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Talk about a weak source of Damage control.

Yesterday they wrote their totally biased article and it's funny, their own readers turned on them.

They got horrible feedback for that. And now this looks totally manufactured to try to cover things up.

Alcaponedyou3834d ago

at least it works lol pwned

cloud360-7th_account3834d ago

Do you think

HU YU HI DING is a funny name

or what about Ali Bongo

gamesR4fun3834d ago

* 80% - Yes, for PlayStation 3
* 17% - Yes, for Xbox 360
* 1% - I'm waiting for the Wii version
* 2% - GTA? No way.

Atomic3834d ago

No , i think it was intentional
they are stirring stuff up to get hits .
Gamedaily = no integrity , no credibility

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monks3834d ago

i have to agree it does sound like damage control