Three Killzone: Shadow Fall 1080p Gameplay Videos Show Different Ways to Play the Same Mission

Three different new videos of Killzone: Shadow Fall have appeared on YouTube, showing something rather interesting: three different ways to accomplish the same objective by using different approaches and entry points.

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pedrof931845d ago

So this is Killzone all the time now ?

Fine for me.

I have a question since all the weapons are unlocked from the begining, what do we get from completing the challenges ?

PlayStation_41845d ago

all attachments are also unlocked.

you get camos/game titles iirc

DoomeDx1845d ago

Attachment arent unlocked from the get go.

I read this somewhere months ago.

There are no gun camo's in shadow fall.

u got owned1845d ago

A lot of good news and videos coming from KZ camp today. Game is looking superb.

Sevir1844d ago

All Weapons are unlocked, Whats unlocked by completing challenges and and leveling up is weapon attachments and weapon customizations to make your weapons stronger, Scopes, clips, suppressors, etc!

Abriael1845d ago

Can't have enough Killzone. And if I'm not wrong there's an additional progression system, even if I can't remember the details now.

ssj271845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

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mistertwoturbo1844d ago

The gameplay seems to have been influenced by Killzone Mercenary.

IMO which is a good thing, I enjoyed the heck out of KZ:Merc and it added a lot of replay value. Even though the game was only 3.5 hours long, I'm already at least 15 hours.

cpayne931844d ago

Yeah, definitely wish it was longer but the varied gameplay was the best in the series imo.

3-4-51844d ago

The minor details in everything is what is noticeable.

Everything in the background is more detailed than all the stuff in the foreground for current gen.


mike32UK1844d ago

Agreed! I definitely shouldn't be this excited about glass breaking haha

christrules00411844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

You unlock attatchments and titles for completing the challenges. I can't wait. Less then a month now. =) it's been a long wait since February.

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Deltaguy1845d ago ShowReplies(4)
BobbytheBuilder1845d ago

wow thats really cool, multiple ways to do these missions will certainly help when playing this on higher difficulties.

thehitman1844d ago

I always go through the hardest difficulty on my first play through so this will make the game extremely challenging and dynamic for me determining the best ways to purse a mission.

chrissx1845d ago

Looks like a genuine next generation game. I'm impressed.

crazyclown1844d ago

Yea seriously this looks tight...can't wait

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The story is too old to be commented.