HardOCP: AMD Radeon R9 290X Video Card Review

Brent Justice: AMD is launching the Radeon R9 290X today. The R9 290X represents AMD's fastest single-GPU video card ever produced. It is priced to be less expensive than the GeForce GTX 780, but packs a punch on the level of GTX TITAN. We look at performance, the two BIOS mode options, and even some 4K gaming.


In our AMD Radeon R9 290X review we used a new Catalyst beta driver, Catalyst 13.11 Beta V5. For those that have purchased a new Radeon R9 290X, you may be wondering what driver to use. We just got word that the official driver to use for the R9 290X is coming publicly to tomorrow.

Just a bit of news so you new R9 290X owners will have an awesome gaming experience when you get your cards, make sure to use that new driver. Have fun.

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TacticAce2484d ago

Just bought my MSI bf4 version today, hope the heat and sound is not that big of a problem as some people make it.

Software_Lover2484d ago

They sell out within in 5 minutes of being available on Newegg. :(

I should have bought the HIS version this morning when it was available. 549.99-27.99=522. Good price for Titan level FPS IMHO.

TacticAce2484d ago

I actually had the same problem and almost gave up but I refreshed the page one last time and boom it was there. So lucky.

Keep in mind guys these reviewers were using beta drivers and we might see some dramatic improvements with newer drivers.

joe902484d ago

Recently upgraded so no good for me at the mo but hearing really good things about this card.

Just shows how much Nvidia love to throw stupid price tags on tech that AMD can do for half the price.

Tactic keep me updated on how you get on with the card. would like a user review. Too many websites over review cards when they have been given one for free to sweeten the deal.

2484d ago
FlyingFoxy2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Very good card, at a decent price. This card will be great with an aftermarket cooler as the stock one is apparently quite loud.

But, for the performance it offers it goes to show Nvidia way overprice their top cards.. especially the 780 to the Titan (deminishing returns)

Anyways this card will eat games for breakfast @ 1080P, i wonder if Mantle optimization will keep games above 60+fps.

Subby2484d ago

Interested to see how the 780Ti performs, and costs. AMD has a killer card here.

Dante812484d ago

Ain't competition grand. Let's see what green team does in response.

Plagasx2484d ago

The only thing holding me back from purchasing a 290x is Nvidia's big promise with Shadowplay and G-Sync.

FlyingFoxy2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

I don't see the point in getting a G-sync monitor if you already have a 120hz one. The higher FPS pretty much eliminates the tearing with V-sync off anyway. Unless you need to stick with 60fps or lower then i can see a need for it.

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