Bleacher Report- NBA 2K14: Hands-on[PS4/X1] Impression of Graphics, Gameplay and Features

BR:After attending the media event held for the next-generation version of NBA 2K14, the overwhelming impression I came away with was: wow. Obviously, we knew the graphics would be stellar. It is easy to see from the feature image the attention to detail is on another level.

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kizzle321821d ago


That is all the only comment needed on this article...

1821d ago
NYC_Gamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I'm buying the next gen version even though already own 2K14 on current gen

JRH77831821d ago

It's not listed on the PSN as a PS3 to PS4 title....

Realplaya1821d ago

After watching this video I realized that there are a lot of animation glitches.

Akuma2K1821d ago

Just goes to show that if 2K ever gets the NFL license back (they will sooner or later) EA will have no choice but to step up their game in madden, gone will be the days of lackluster development and leaving out important features (franchise mode, gameplay etc)....but EA knows it's 2K's bitch, been that way since NFL 2k5.

JetsFool35001821d ago

They haven't made a game in 9 years I doubt it'll be anything as good as madden even tho it was the better football sim

Akuma2K1821d ago

2K sports made APF 2K8 if you forgot......EA hasn't done anything to madden since they got the license 8 years ago and just sat on their ass making lackluster games because there was no competition to push them from getting lazy which they did, now 8 years later and its next gen and any game can look good graphically but if it plays like crap what's the use of buying it, not to mention leaving out important features that add to the overall gameplay experience. But with 2K sports you get everything (presentation, halftime show, post game show, and of course top notch gameplay experience), with 2K sports they can truly say "it's in the the game" unlike EA.

NYC_Gamer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Madden is just now adding features that 2K5 been had years ago..EA better pray 2K doesn't get back the license to create NFL games again...Madden good?that piece of garbage is pure arcade with robotic and stiff movement...None of the players in Madden look like they do in real life.

JetsFool35001821d ago

@akuma oh yeah completely forgot about 2k8 But these last 2 years madden actually has had upgrades Unlike 08-12

@nyc_gamer 2k is dead in the water aint no way madden gonna let that license expire EA is too money hungry

Akuma2K1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Money hungry ?

You do know its becoming more and more expensive for EA to retain the NFL license don't you? Madden sales have gone down since they acquired the license and the game doesn't reach the sale numbers they used to like they did before they got the license, not to mention the money lost in the NCAA lawsuit and the loss of that license as well. If EA wanted to renew the license for next season it would have already been done (plus by renewing early its less money they pay), they usually renew one to two years before the expiration date (we should have heard something march/april 12') and since its been quiet it makes you wonder if EA is tired of keeping the license but we should now something by march/april next year.

JetsFool35001821d ago

@akuma2k by money hungry I mean with them being the only football game out ppl are forced to buy madden if they want an updated football game & By them buying the license shows they are in it for the money instead of competition & winning the fans over like nba2k did

Akuma2K1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Oh my bad, misunderstood your comment. But yea your right, 2K sports won their fanbase the right way by putting out a superb product for the gamers. I'm hoping and praying we see another football game next year other than madden, imagine how NFL 2K15 or even APF 2K15 would look with NBA 2K14 graphics.....would be totally amazing for sure.

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Pintheshadows1821d ago

That is insane. Look at the crowd! Look at the court reflection!

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