Top 10 Next-Gen Games You Will Need to Own

CCC Says: "Man, are we going to be busy!
We hear a lot of hype these days about what killer apps you NEED for the next-gen. Spokesmen, promotional campaigns, and PR people are constantly beating us over the head with reasons as to why their title is the go-to release. Back in the day, it was a lot easier to know what THE next-gen launch titles were, as they usually came from established franchises (such as Mario or Metal Gear). Now, with all the hype and huge money being dumped into advertising, it gets harder to know exactly which next-gen titles are a necessity and which are just hype.
That’s where we come in. As an unbiased third party, CheatCC can bring you the top ten next-gen releases that you absolutely need to play."

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ZBlacktt1821d ago

My day one's

AC4 - PS4

Killzone SF

BF4 - PS4

Mikelarry1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

My day one

Knack: yup i said it, something different and seems interesting

i was going to get AC: then i changed my mind

and that's about it

if i get bored i got batman, gta, cod:ghost on my ps3 to keep me going to more games are launched on next gen

[email protected]

i have seen game play videos and all the colorful background remind me of mini ninjas ( what a beautiful and fin game that was.

most people who have played it also say if you liked crash you will feel at home with this so definitely getting it,

ZBlacktt1821d ago

I played Knack at PAX. It is going to so surprise you if you haven't seen it or played it. It is a very clean looking game! It's not some easy kids game either. But rather a mix of challenge and fun. I very much enjoyed it! Even the water looks real life.

SuperBlur1821d ago

Knack will most likely end up on the ps+ bucket of free games later down the road .

Just a friendly advice.

flash2401821d ago

Did it really matter which system you're buying it for?

s8anicslayer1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

My Day One list

Ghosts Hardened PS4 (Yes I buy all the maps)
Killzone Shadowfall
Assassins Creed IV PS4
Dead Rising 3
And maybe Ryse not sure yet.

CocoWolfie1821d ago

AC4, Killzone is impressing more and more recently, so theyre on my top list! ^-^

SKYVVLKR1821d ago

Infamous: SS deserves a to be on that list instead of CoD.

thehitman1821d ago

Think they mean week 1 games.

SKYVVLKR1821d ago

Destiny was on their list though.

Roccetarius1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Hmm that was a pretty poor next gen list. Most of those are current gen games.

SuperBlur1821d ago

my top 10

Anything NHL
Anything R*Games
Anything Naughty Dog
Anything Sucker Punch
Anything Quantic Dream
Anything Santa Monica
Anything UFC
Minecraft and teaching the ropes of the game to friends
The Division

and the many ps+ free games i will enjoy throughout the year

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