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"It was over ten years ago that The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker made its debut on the Nintendo GameCube. Though widely regarded now, the art style of the game did not have such a welcome reception when it was originally revealed. At a Space World event (a Japanese Nintendo showcase event that used to occur) in 2000, a coming out party for the GameCube, Nintendo revealed a tech demo that featured a more realistic style with Link and Ganondorf exchanging swipes of their swords. When the new "Celda" look appeared, many were disappointed. However, that was over a decade ago, and as stated, The Wind Waker and its art style are almost universally loved by the Zelda fan base. Choosing this game as the best one to try out high-definition game development, Eiji Aonuma's Zelda team has created a new iteration of The Wind Waker for Wii U owners. Do the new changes and improved visuals make for compelling reasons to return to the Great Sea all over again?"

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lol, it's easy to love. :)