Miyamoto: Mario 3D World isn't 'the future of Mario action games'

Nintendo recently stated that Super Mario 3D World isn't necessarily the blue print for how all 3D Mario games in the future will play.

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Austin481820d ago

Huh mayby we will get a good mario game like Mario sunshine that was my favorite mario game

Loadedklip1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Mario 64, Galaxy 1, Galaxy 2, 3D Land are all superior to Mario Sunshine.

Not saying Mario Sunshine is a bad game ... but it is the worst 3D Mario game.

Austin481820d ago

I also like Mario 64 I just think the mario sunshine had excellent graphics and imagine if they did a full remake on mario 64 that would be great

Concertoine1820d ago

Personally sunshine is my favorite. i like the way they took mario to a whole new theme and had new enemies and everything felt fresh. think about it... sunshine didn't have ONE goomba.
whereas 64 hasnt aged very well and the galaxy games featured very little exploration and felt too linear.

deafdani1820d ago

That's your opinion. And Austin's opinion is that Mario Sunshine is his favorite Mario game.

You can't really state matter of factly that Sunshine is the worst 3D Mario game, because Sunshine is just as critically acclaimed as all the other 3D Mario games. It's all opinions, the only straight fact is that the Mario 3D franchise is, overall, pretty high quality.


Well objectively...maybe. It has a lot of flaws. But personally it;s my favorite game of all time. There is no other game that feels like it. It's just pure joy to play.

Thepcz1819d ago

mario sunshine is great. it was the next 3d mario game after mario 64, so it could never have lived up to the hype no matter how great it was.

i dont think its any better or worse than either of the galaxy games. in fact, i think galaxy 2 was a complete waste of time. nintendo should have moved onto another theme.

ive never played 3d land but it doesnt look very good.

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link2Dpast1820d ago

Yea it actually was a great game. I mean how do argue against it. It was a beautiful game, solid Controls, and Basically it nothing Away from what mario was able to do. I just think people jump on the band Wagon because the game was Damn good

Imonaboat11820d ago

Nintendo keep on contradicting themselves ... They will most likely make more 2D mario games since these make money the most

Misaka_x_Touma1820d ago

you keep contradicting yourself.

Imonaboat11820d ago

When did i? And why do i see you on every Nintendo related article?

Misaka_x_Touma1820d ago

I only comment on articles that interest me.
And no I am not on every Nintendo article

supreme251820d ago

super mario universe anyone?

link2Dpast1820d ago

Alot of people seem to not like mario sunshine and say it's one of the worse. But Damn it was a great game the environment , colors, music, the water looked incredible for that time. I never really understood or hear a legitimate reason to why it doesn't compare to other mario games that are 3d. I think it's equal to all

iplay1up21820d ago

I really liked Sunshine allot. I think most of us do, however it just may not have felt as groundbreaking as 64 or Galaxy to some people, but it was still a great game. I really hope Nintendo is still planning on GameCube E-shop games. I have not heard them mentioned possibly commng to Wii U in months. Common Nintendo invest in some more talented people and get them working on cube to U games, oh yeah and give them HD facelifts. I think Nintendo fans could do a better job with some decisions.

deafdani1820d ago

I'm starting to suspect that "Mario 3D" will be its own series, just like New Super Mario.

My theory is that Nintendo will have three flavor of Mario platforming titles:

- The traditional 3D Mario games (64, Sunshine, Galaxy), which are about exploration and star collecting,

- The "New Super Mario" series, which is strictly 2D sidescrolling, about going to the flagpole before time runs out, and

- the "Mario 3D" series (Land, World), which is a mix of the other two types of Mario platforming games - set with fully realized 3D gameplay, but focused on going to the flagpole before time runs out instead of collecting stars (although 3D World now will apparently have three stars to collect on each level instead of the usual three star coins, lol).