PS4 Pre-Orders Outselling Xbox One 2:1 in UK

PreOrder-IQ writes:

With just a month to go until both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are released onto an eager gaming public, you might be wondering who exactly is winning in the pre-order race, Microsoft or Sony?

Today we got somewhat of an answer to that question care of independent price comparison website, who have written that within the UK the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One at a rate of 2:1.

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malokevi1820d ago

*jumps off a tall bridge into shallow water*

FlunkinMonkey1820d ago

I think you'd be better off climbing out of that shallow pool of insecurity.

malokevi1820d ago

And into a steaming spring of personal fulfillment?

FlunkinMonkey1820d ago

No.. back into your mothers womb..

Too far?

malokevi1820d ago

I'm just not so sure that it would still be a good fit... What with the passage of time and human development and all.

WeAreLegion1820d ago

We are joined here say goodbye to our friend, malokevi. For when the odds were against him, he chose to leave us. We may not understand why he did it, but through time and comfort, we may come to know and understand this new reality; a life without our friend. He will be missed.

R.I.P. malokevi

solidjun51820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Well said. I'm sure he is at a better place, and we'll be happy

@mysticStrummer: Of course!

WeAreLegion1820d ago

@MysticStrummer - How can you make jokes at a time like this? Jesus Christ, MysticStrummer. A man is dead and you're concerned about drinks.

I'm sorry. It's just a rough time for all of us. You said you bought the potato salad, but left it at home. I'm still not sure I believe you. Try to understand where I'm coming from.

No, there is no open bar.

Strikepackage Bravo1820d ago

GOOD hopefully this will mean fewer idiots and kids on XBL.

Lets not kid ourselves, if you are daft enough to let bad marketing convince you to change your console of choice, your probably one of the folks no one wants to play online with anyway.

GiggMan1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

What does it say about a person who still decides to be loyal?

Majin-vegeta1820d ago

No just means these people have common sense :).

WeAreLegion1820d ago

It's not about Sony vs. Microsoft for many of these people. It is about respect.

Boody-Bandit1820d ago

Thats ironic. A friend of mine said the same thing but for a different reason. He mostly gamed on the PS3 this past generation and told me because he can't stand the kids on XBL. Now he is worried they are going to jump ship and come to PSN. I told him no worries. Most of the younger crowd are COD fans and they will stick with MS. The adults with common sense will jump ship. I know I am.

Gamingcapacity1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

It's £80 cheaper. That is why it's outselling the X1. People seem to overlook this, £80/$100 is a huge margain.

People that are Xbox fans will get the X1. Sony fans will get the PS4. All the people in between will be swayed towards better price.

Jdoki1819d ago

And yet somehow, the PS3 which has always been higher priced than the 360 manages to outsell it world wide month after month.

Gamingcapacity1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

The PlayStation brand is very strong. I don't think any other brand would of survived last gen like the PS3 did.

Price is a factor but you also need a strong brand.

Worldwide the PS is a slightly a stronger brand than Xbox, couple in the fact that PS4 is cheaper and this should result in a huge sales gap between the 2.

There are other factors that play a part but price is the main one.

Edit: It's never black and white what equals to sales. I shouldn't of tried to make my first comment simple

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UbiquitousClam1820d ago

Not really surprising, PS4s have been disappearing fast here although I actually thought given the general opinions of people online that the ratio would be higher than this, especially in the UK. This means that even though the PS4 is clearly "winning" there are still a lot of people buying xbox ones considering the ratio 2 : 1

claudionmc1820d ago

It is OBVIOUS that lot of people will buy xbox one... but a 2:1 ratio in UK is a lot. I cannot even imagine the ratio in Spain or Latam countries

Ashes2Ashes1820d ago

Actually with the price of the PS 4 and the foothold that Xbox has in the LATAM countries I would expect the Xbox One to be leading.

claudionmc1819d ago

@Ashes2Ashes I'm from Chile, and I went to a big gamer event and the PS4 Crowd was literally bashing the x1 crowd, like 20 or 30 to 1

joab7771820d ago

It would everywhere but I got an xbox one b/c I couldn't get a ps4 anywhere. Wonder how many ppl did the same? I planned on getting one anyway but I wanyed a ps4 first.

Lunarassassin1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

You're kidding, right?
2:1 is huge! That's 10m consoles to 5m. That's a huge gap.

claudionmc1820d ago

Uhhh this is heavy information... but I'm not impressed.

Some people said that UK will be X1 territory because UK gamers preferred Xbox360, but that doesn't leads into the same decision for next-gen consoles. People liked Xbox360, but they are not stupid enough to paying $130 more for the X1. It is just pure logic.

Strikepackage Bravo1820d ago

That's not even close to pure logic, by that logic i would be stupid to pay $130 more for a Ferrari than a Ford Focus, 130 is just a number till you back it with substance.

claudionmc1820d ago

You are absolutely right... Xbox one + FIFA 14 vs PS4 + Killzone Shadow Fall + 2 controllers... now it is pure logic ;) sorry, my mistake

RedDevils1820d ago

Lol @the analogy of X1 as a Ferrari especially when it's inferior and cost more

boneso821820d ago

Your lucky in the US, the PS4 is $399, which at exchange rate is about £250, but we have to pay £349! Still £80 cheaper than a console I have no interest in purchasing though...

Orbilator1820d ago

well I seem to remeber in the old days if it was 199 dollars it would end up being 199 pounds so thank your lucky stars :)

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