8 things about ‘NBA 2K14′ next-gen you need to know

GoodGameBro writes, "After waiting for what seemed like forever, 2K Sports finally revealed the first look at the NBA 2K14 next-generation gameplay. Yesterday, an event was held yesterday that gave a select group the very first look and hands-on with NBA 2K14."

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Kevin263851845d ago

1080p on Xbox One and PS4 has to make a lot of people happy with the recent rumors.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1845d ago

It sure shut some up. Others just go cry about a different game they're never going to buy on a console they're not going to buy.

Khajiit861845d ago

This game has been my #1 choice for first game on ps4. Glad to see my choice is coming out to be great. 2k always impresses.

SuperBlur1845d ago

i don't think sports games will be hard to run at 1080p natively through out the next gen life span.

Unless they up the player limit and the realism , right now in NHL we can play 6v6 , but if they'd put line change , backup goalies and what not, we would have epic 22vs22 and maybe 23vs23 if they let us play as the coach. /drool

Kevin263851845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

That would be very interesting to see. I always thought it would be interesting to have an 11 on 11 football game online.

Although, the blocking would need an overhaul for offensive/defensive line positions to be enjoyable.

I hope we start to see a move toward this...dedicated servers on next gen should help.

iceman061845d ago

Wonder why EA hasn't done that in NHL games??? Don't they allow online players as subs in FIFA?

Ripsta7th1845d ago

That crowd on the header image looks much better than current gens'

1845d ago