Xbox One Has the Day One Library You Want

When the clock strikes midnight on November 15, 2013, the reality of next-gen consoles will be front and center with the long-awaited release of Sony’s eighth-generation console. Many gamers and critics alike have praised the PlayStation 4 because of its significantly cheaper price tag, promise of more AAA exclusives, and Sony’s ongoing support of more independent games on the platform. While many may see all of these factors as the most compelling reason to pick-up a PS4 on day one, there is still no denying that Microsoft is also positioning Xbox One to have a memorable generation as well. This trend kicks off with a stellar lineup of five key day-one Xbox One exclusive titles that you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on.

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VENOMACR12271824d ago

I'll be honest, I'm getting an X1 and I'm not impressed with the launch titles. I'm not really impressed by either systems. I think X1 really needed a game like Titanfall for launch, that would have helped sales tremendously.

The only exclusive I think that's worth a purchase is Forza. I got Forza, BF4, and Madden pre-ordered. If I were getting a PS4, I'd be buying Killzone, BF4, and Madden.

So to say Xbox One has the Day One Library You Want, I have to disagree. Neither system has a killer lineup of exclusives. When the original XBOX came out, it was Halo that was the must have game. I dont think either system has that.

BallsEye1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

while I wish there would be some awesome RPG on launch, the games available on day 1 are better than ever! Gonna spend a lot of money on this launch. Bf4, Forza, Fifa, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Ryse is what I get. Can't wait for that free Proejct Spark as well! As for Titanfall, for me there is enough to play till march.

malokevi1824d ago

Jeez, the title of this thread is awfully deterministic. I'm not sure that everyone on N4G is going to necessarily agree with every aspect of what it's trying to convey!

*worried look*

P0werVR1824d ago

The only reason I get a console are for exclusives and sport games. I like playing sport games on console than PC. Other than that, most games I get are for PC. Just like GTA V, haven't even touched it yet. Will wait when the better version comes out.

sincitysir11824d ago

I agree! If I were getting an Xbox id definitely be getting for a! I saw the driver shaking as he drove at high speeds and I was impressed. Day one for me when I get me mah box

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calvincrack1824d ago

I think id rather go to an actual library

bryam19821824d ago

But but what about the rest.of.the console cycle? Going whit what happeng whit xbox 360 in 3 years xbone will be done! just 1 or.2 exclusives a year probably

WeAreLegion1824d ago

I do want Dead Rising 3, but I can wait to play it on a friend's XBO in a few years. Excited for Killzone!!!

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