Rise of the Argonauts: Atalanta - IGN's Brief Look

Back in the day, Greece was a dangerous place to live, especially for heroic types. Everything would be humming along smoothly, when all of a sudden those troublesome gods would get involved, and disaster inevitably ensued. So goes the story of Jason and the Argonauts, a timeless tale of love, tragedy and the quest to retrieve the fleece of a flying ram. It's a long story.

The epic tale is the subject of Rise of the Argonauts, an upcoming role-playing game from Liquid Entertainment and Codemasters. The game won't follow the Greek myth exactly, but many of the well-known characters will play important roles, including the sultry archer Atalanta. IGN posted a brief look at how she'll be presented in Rise of the Argonauts.

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...Atlanta at first. Atalanta, that sounds weird. Well I'm At Atlanta.

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this game def has some promise in my book.