Transformers: The Movie Web Site Launches

DreamWorks Pictures has launched the official website for Transformers: The Movie. There is not much there yet, hopefully a trailer will become available when the countdown ends

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RealDoubleJ6381d ago

Bumblebee is now a camaro and Megatron isn't even a tank (i can understand the logistics of not making him a handgun) but an "alien jet". The only thing that'll make me see it is if Frank Welker and Peter Cullen return as the voices of Megatron & Optimus Prime, respectively. However, the latest rumour is that Michael Bay wants to sign up George Clooney as Prime.....yeah, that says it all.

FreeMonk6381d ago

At the end of the day, you can guarantee that this movie is going to have plenty of action in it just because Michael Bay is directing it.

From early reviews of the script, the script Rocks! That's good news

As for the Bumblebee/Camero crap, yeah, I'm disappointed as well, but Volkswagon won't let the have a Volks Bug for the movie. They've rejected it, so they've had to go for something else. Although I thought they'd make there own similar to a Bug, they've gone for a Camero, which is a nice car.

The whole Megatron not a tank thing is also disappointing, but it's not the end of the world. As long as Megatron has a big cannon on his arm, I won't complain.

The whole success rating of this movie depends on what they do with Optimus Prime. If he's not a blue/red & silver truck, the film will flop. Optimus is the main charactor of the Transformers, and I doubt they'd mess around with that formula.

All I want to see is a big freeway scrap against Optimus and Prime. It'll be better than the first time we saw the Tripods in War of the Worlds, the first time we saw the T-1000 in T2 and better than the time we saw the balrog in LOTR's.

Michael Bay makes awesome action movies, and this won't be any different. Transformers will rock, although it will change a few things!

Cyclonus6381d ago (Edited 6381d ago )

...except WOTW was directed by Spielberg, T2 by Cameron, and LOTR by Jackson.....what these directors have in common is IMAGINATION and VISION, which is critical in a movie like this, and Michael Bay has NONE. Yeah, he can do chases and such, but remember, when you get Michael Bay, you get 'BayVision Cinematography tm', with CONSTANTLY panning and tracking camera moves. I'm convinced the man has ADHD.

And from what I heard of the script, Prime is a firetruck. God, I hope thats not true.

I'm sure this movie will be a big loud explod-a-thon, but it could be so much more. Imagine Transformers in the hands of John McTiernan, or James Cameron.
This is just another Hollywood cash-in, and when their done ruining with this (as they did with Aliens AND Predator) they'll do the same to G.I. Joe...then Thundercats....and every other childhood memory I have. Thanks Follywood!!!! o_0

deepio6380d ago

Doesn't Speilberg have some sort of part in this film too? Hopefully he will pass on some of much needed vision over to Michael Bay.

However, I think Bay has the potential to do it right as long as he realises he can't turn this into one of his usual action-flicks like a sort of "Bad Boys" with Giant Robots. If he doesn't use that big bald guy with the long beard (that's always in his flicks) then maybe we'll know if he's moved on a little...

Cyclonus6380d ago

with a beard? who are you talkin about?

deepio6380d ago (Edited 6380d ago )

This guy -
Okay, so he only appeared in The Island and Bad Boys 2...

Islandkiwi6380d ago

Are the robots meant to be the central characters in the movie? Or is this a "humans" movie that discover the robots?

Cyclonus6380d ago

they should just hire Steve Guttenberg and call it Short Circuit 6, lol

Asuka6380d ago

This is awesome, i've been a long time fan of Transformers, been waiting for something new forever!!!!

Hope the movie doesn't ruin the Transformers i love sooo much.

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