New Details on Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Female Helghast Operative “Echo” Emerge

Today Sony Computer Entertainment shared a few more details on the mysterious female Helghast operative that you’ll meet in the upcoming PS4 exclusive and launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall and that was heavily featured in yesterday’s story trailer.

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cactusjack1822d ago

i would do helghast things to

LEOPARD10301822d ago

Echo must be a playable character.

Abriael1822d ago

I'm more leaning towards antagonist turning love interest.

Brazz1822d ago

please, don't turn this in Romeo&Juliet, this is killzone! i want bullets, no love tragedy!

LEOPARD10301822d ago

I want war, Helghast revenge, not a marriage !

Sevir1822d ago

I just want to play the game already damn it!!!!!!

pyramidshead1822d ago

Awesome character. Can't wait to find out more as the story progresses.

Godhimself_In_3d1822d ago

Im calling it she has a dog lol every game now has a dog and a girl maybe the owl is a flying pitbull lol kzsf ftw 11/15/13 if your getting this game add me my psn is Godhimself_In_3D hope to see you guys ther himself signing off.

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