Chicago Meet the Xbox One

Chicago: We leave you with love in our hearts, deep dish in our bellies, and this video of you partying with #XboxOne.

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hello121846d ago

Everyone whos had hands on with XB1 loved it. I'm happy the negative stuff is all false. Can't wait for Nov 22th.

JokesOnYou1846d ago

On Nov 22nd all the BS misinformation will be mute.

X1 has a kickass launch lineup, this plus the strength of XBL with dedicated servers, kinect, integrated tv, increasing in house studio support to bring new IP's, trying new things, all in all it sure looks like they are investing heavily in future games, features and services that will make X1 a helluva next gen console.

tigertom531846d ago

it a wicked system once you get your hands on it

DoubleM701846d ago

Seeing is believing and playing it for you damn self is the best policy. Fuck what you herd from other people and play it for yourself. Yes and this goes Vice or Versa also.

TRD4L1fe1846d ago

hurry up and get to Boston!!!!!!

kewlkat0071846d ago

I say the same..Go Red Sox!!

Ashes2Ashes1846d ago

Agree with everyone here. When I had hands on time with the system at E3 I was blown away. I may not have liked the policies they unleashed but the system is no joke. Now that they have reversed the policies that made me apprehensive it is a no brainer. I will get both over the next year but the Xbox One will be my first purchase.

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