PS4 or Xbox One? That is the question

Level Complete's Sam Hewitt has been sitting in the neutral position for quite some time. Is it now time for him to make the big decision: PS4 or Xbox One? That is the question!

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darthv721845d ago

Both, that is my answer.

Transporter471845d ago

Can't afford both. PS4 for me because I get to buy a game, since my budget is basically roughly 500 bucks.

shoddy1845d ago

I'll choose the more powerful with the better deal.

HugoDrax1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Both is my answer as well...if you can afford both, or all 3 (Wii u) go for it..

November 15--
Extra DualShock
NBA 2K14

November 22---
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct
COD Ghost

Next gen is upon us :-)

malokevi1845d ago

Both is a damn good answer. I choose that one.

TheBrit1845d ago


So why an extra controller for the PS4 but not one for the XB1 ?!

HugoDrax1844d ago


"So why an extra controller for the PS4 but not one for the XB1 ?!"

Oh! because my nephew lives with me (12 years old) and I bought him a Day1 XB1 for his birthday, which he asked for. So we will have 2 XB1 + 1 PS4 at launch for my house.

We already have a Wii U, but we don't play it that often. Soon I will pick up The Wonderful 101, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Lego Marvel so we can get more use out of the console.

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Xsilver1845d ago

which one has Naughty Dog:D.

Strikepackage Bravo1845d ago

It's probably best to get XBO now since it has a more rich launch line up, and go for the PS4 later when things pick up. Sony always starts off slow and builds.

strickers1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

What games are coming to XB1 after launch day? Titanfall in March.......and? Since when did day 1 become more important than first 5 months?

mistertwoturbo1845d ago

PS4 or Xbone, there is no question. Get what you want.

acedoh1844d ago

Why both? Do you guys have that much time you can devote yourself to that many games? I just don't know how anyone who has that type of money has that type of time to play games all the time.

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Gozer1845d ago

The dedicated servers are a big reason I am going with the X1. I also want in game video chat. The X1 is a natural progression to the 360, so the X1 is my obvious choice.

Foxhound9221845d ago

PS4 will feature dedicated servers, just like many games on the ps3.

Gozer1845d ago

No the ps4 will not have dedicated servers for all its MP games. COD Ghosts wont have dedies on ps4, they will have listen servers, which is essentially p2p. Killzone SF will have dedies for stats but not gameplay.
" Ghosts will be using a hybrid system of dedicated servers and listen servers. "

Live will continue to be the best place to go for online gaming.

strickers1845d ago

If Live will "continue to be the best place for online" , how do you explain all the major ps3 online games having dedicated servers and 360 p2p? Now it matters? Self delusion. Just say" I like XB but I don't know why or have any logic in my choice".

cannon88001845d ago


Hate to say this but... I hope you enjoy your inferior console.

VENOMACR12271845d ago

Neither, buy a Jaguar system

RexFury1845d ago

I think I still have mine somewhere ;)

forcefullpower1845d ago

I actually still have one :) Alien vs Predator.

FITgamer1845d ago

That game was so damn difficult. I use to get so mad as kid playing it.

darthv721845d ago

already have one, but the CD drive no longer works :(

Trevor McFur FTMFATW!!!

VENOMACR12271845d ago

Haha didn't the controller have like 20 buttons? I remember my dad got one for Christmas....he returned it the next day.

HugoDrax1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

LOL I literally still have a few games in my closet, but I remember taking the console back to K Mart hahaha..

I have my Raiden game, and Alien vs Predator, don't see any others here in my closet.

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Supermax1845d ago

I maid it easy on myself got both paid for.

Sie1845d ago

Same here I ordered both back in the summer.

PS4 + Killzone, AC4.
X1 + Forza, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse.

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