NBA 2K14 Screenshot Comparison - Kevin Durant & Ray Allen Current-Gen vs. Next-Gen

OS:heck out the NBA 2K14 screenshot comparison of Kevin Durant and Ray Allen current-gen vs. next-gen.

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sigfredod1818d ago

Wow the difference is bigger than i guess

NYC_Gamer1818d ago

I agree,2K is only going to get better on next gen hardware.

Kingthrash3601818d ago

i just hope they can actually make open jumpers next gen.

badboy7761818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Beyond Two Souls!!!!

These graphics could've been done on current gen. Sports games intentionally use the same game engine each year.

MWong1818d ago

Huge difference between the generations. I might have to pick up 2K14 over Live14.

3-4-51818d ago

only thing 2k games ever really lacked in was graphics, the gameplay and game modes and Franchise modes were always really good.

Thomaticus1818d ago

Damn that's a big difference.

PR_FROM_OHIO1818d ago

If I was EA I would just cancel NBA LIVE 14 bc it's going to be destroyed by 2k14 this year!!! Can't wait to play this on my PS4!!

Lboogieskells1818d ago

Those next Gen naps, Count me in!

Masterman2801818d ago

The difference is big, but the current gen version is horrible, looks like PS2 doesn't look like they put much work in them.

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