Halo: On Step Away from Mythopoeia

"Without a doubt, Halo is one of the best-selling games for Microsoft’s game console. It is a franchise that sells not only game, but all sorts of products. It is, as I would like to say, one of the greatest stories in modern science fiction."

A feature explaining why Halo is a great milestone in modern science fiction and no one could ever take away its hard-earned place there.

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PixelNinja1820d ago

Well deserved indeed. Becoming a best selling game for a new platform was definitely an achievement on Bungie's part.
Lets hope 343i carries on the legacy of Halo.

PixelNinja1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

The stealth disagrees strike with an uncertainty, the biased fanboy behind sits at his/her computer screen with a cringing face full of sweat. Their ignorance has grown out of hand and blocked their vision to instantly hate anything that is related to MS and Halo or anything that does not full into what they believe in.

Clear your vision my anonymous friend and look towards the wider spectrum of gaming, think of the possibilities of enjoying games that you would have previously ignored with a bliss ignorant grimace, don't be afraid to try something new!

zeal0us1820d ago

You must be new here. Stealth disagees are quite common. This disagrees aren't what hurt you, the down-votes are.

zeal0us1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Double post sorry

Parasyte1820d ago

I sure hope that 343 can keep Halo going on it's road to extended greatness. Halo 4 for me overall was disappointment, and I am kinda skeptical of Halo 5.

Droidbro1820d ago

Halo 4 had it's shortfalls, but was overall a great game. It did some things worse than Bungie, but did others better.

Evil_Abed1820d ago

I am currently playing Halo 4, got it today and have been at it for hours and I must say it is the east Halo I've played so far!

Granted I've only played the 360 main series games(3 and Reach) but I'm loving 4 way more than I did 3 and I credit Halo 3 for turning me into a lover of fps games!

If there are any 360 owners reading this who have yet to play Halo 4, do yourselves a favor and try it, you will love it. The story is gripping and emotionally involving, you won't want to stop until you finish.

Gees I sound like an ad! Best fps story I've ever played, that there is the bottom line. I have not tried FC3 though, and I've heard great things. . .

Parasyte1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

See, I guess my problem is that I have been playing Halo since the first game, and I loved everything about Halo especially the multiplayer...until Reach. Reach is when things started to go sour for me as far as Halo is concerned. Reach's story was enjoyable, but the MP was only decent. It didn't hold my interest for nearly as long as Halo 2 and 3 did. Halo 4 I stopped playing after a few months. It just didn't feel like Halo.

moparful991820d ago

I've played all of the Halo's not because i'm a fan of the series but more because I like to play something before passing judgement on it.. I just cannot get into the Halo games.. I'm a huge science fiction lover.. I've read all three lord of the rings books, the hobbit, I love star wars, firefly, star trek etc but for me halo just doesn't tickle my fancy.. I've tried to like it but just can't.. Its not bias I assure you, but I honestly don't know what my disconnect with halo is..

Perjoss1820d ago

A new Halo game would be the only reason I would buy an XB1. Right now for me at least there is no other reason for me to get one.