Game Scoop: How Do We Define "Gamers?"

Infinity Ward says its most dedicated players aren't gamers. So what does make a gamer -- and does it even matter?

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-Foxtrot1822d ago

For me a gamer is someone who is passionate about games

Those who would make accounts to gaming websites like this one

Those who would probably sell their kidney to scrape enough cash together for the next big release

Those who don't let fanboy crap get in the way of games they want to play on

Those who can see when a company is screwing them over and can see the probably outside the box despite it being a favourite developer/company

Those who talk and play on games whenever they can

Those who actually know what they are talking about

However I hate when people who you know isn't really a gamer thinks they are one these days (thanks to how casual/mainstream gaming has become) because they played on some PS1/N64/NES games when they were younger, who just buy big most talked about blockbuster games because they are currently "in" or who keep saying they are a gamer because they play on one or two games

For me being a gamer isn't about just playing on games willy nilly, it's about actually having an interest and having the knowledge of the gaming industry. If I went to someone and said something easy like "Who is Gabe Newell" or "Who is Ken Levine" for example and they didn't no then I'm sorry but your not really a gamer are you.

P0werVR1822d ago

Simply put, a bunch of fools wasting their income on such least that's what my father tells me.

-Foxtrot1822d ago

Every time I get a game delivered I get the same response

"GOD...What have you buying now"

Every time

N4g_null1822d ago

Until you start making them... the same could be said about what he chooses to waste money on. Tread lightly or get kicked out lol.

darthv721822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I think we are all gamers as we all enjoy playing games. some on different levels than others.

the great divide is when someone does not play the same game or allot the same amount of time and dedication to the games then we assign labels.

thus the animosity between factions of gamers over the labeling of casual and core when the most basic understanding is we are really all members of the same hobby.

We should enjoy the fruits of the labor instead of throwing the fruit at each other.

N4g_null1822d ago

This is how it use to be before every one tried to turn gaming into a job, thus the fanboy is made.... only to start problems or to polarized gaming which makes marketing way easier.

Dante811822d ago

Someone that likes videogames and plays them. That's it.

truechainz1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Funny I made a comment to this effect this morning. Gamer (core and casual included) is completely self-defined and has no real concrete definition. That won't stop people from constantly using the term as law when arguing of course. This was a great topic for gamescoop, and hopefully some people will learn from this discussion.

iplay1up21822d ago

I can tell you what a gamer isn't, and that is a fanboy. Fanboys are so narrow minded they only see their console as being capable of having great games. A fanboy is not a gamer period. Oh, and its a constant pissing match about specs.

IPLAY21822d ago

Well put! Too many people who play games are about the brand. Personally I have always had 2 systems and PC. This time around it is going to be Wii U/PS4.

N4g_null1822d ago

More gamers are like this than publishers want to acknowledge. Plus it is just easier to press the port button and mirror your sales, yet making unique games could spur more sales. Soul caliber did this with dlc... im thinking user modding with dlc catered to the platform could even tell ypu a better story of what these gamers have and if they bought the other versions, possibly let them unlock that content on that console.