Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer and Screens

New Fighter Within gameplay trailer and selection of screens.

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DEEBO1824d ago

LOL ok
I see more overweight gamers here in the USA or just overweight people in general.
one or two rounds of this game they are going to be out of breath.
LOL they hate to walk to the t.v to turn it on,do you really think they are going to want jump around for 2 minutes?

good luck with that.

Thatguy-3101824d ago

Doesn't look all that bad. Didn't you see the past gameplay? I can just kick my leg foward and my virtual character does back flips and a variety of acrobatic moves ^_^ /s

Bigpappy1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

The punching is 1:1, the kicking is gesture. People complain about gesture not being 1:1. What is the difference between leaning simple gestures and learning button presses. The obvious answer is using your finger to press vs using a small kick in a specific direction.

The point I am attempting to make, is that if the gestures are easy and Kinect picks them up accurately, this game could be successful.

Could provide some big laughs. especially if your girlfriend or wife keeps kicking your butt.

BallsEye1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Here in Europe we like to move, so It actually might work. As for the trailer, animations look a bit stiff but the graphics improved a lot, quite impressive.

A lot of tessellation going on the ground

DEEBO1824d ago

That is a good thing
I see alot of gamers that if i even say the word pushup,situp,pullup
they will break out in hives.

Most come in the store talking about how fast they beat a game.
in the back of my mind i want to ask can you touch you're toes without having some sort of heart failure.

I hope these type of games do well but truthfully we are heading towards mobile chairs like wall-e

fsfsxii1824d ago

This is Girl Fight standard.

Wizziokid1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

I'm sorry but Kinect fighters just don't work imo.


agreed. i just cant see myself jumping around my tiny living room at 1 am when im gaming and everyone else is trying to sleep. fighters n kinect are an ambitious idea, but i cant imagine they work out well in reality.

Dlacy13g1824d ago

I agree, although boxing could be the exception to that rule with the next Kinect.

Trekster_Gamer1824d ago

Maybe your too out of shape or lazy to play but I imagine there are plenty of people who would enjoy this.

DEEBO1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

lol i dude i workout every other day with free weights and run on my off days on the tredmill.(two miles a day sometimes)
you wouldn't last 3 minutes doing anything physical against me.

i play video games but i take being in shape very seriously.

and for you're information,i had kinect and love the games that were physical fitness. to be honest i'm a little jealous over the x1 free trainer app's.i know i can do it but alot of people are really obese in the states.
i'm just speaking the truth.

USA= the most obese people in the world,this a fact.

malokevi1824d ago

I would never buy this before getting a chance to try it. With the quality of its predecessor, and the unproven fighting mechanics... there is a chance that it's a waste of money.

I would really like to give it a shot, though. Hopefully MS is smart enough to release a demo. How many people would actually walk blindly into this one?

jetlian1824d ago

same here or no more than 20 bucks. I had fun with wii shorts and that wasn't 1:1.

love fighting games

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The story is too old to be commented.