Killzone: Shadow Fall's Graphics and Gameplay Cracks Open the PS4 | JeuxActu

JeuxActu writes " We went to the Guerilla Games studio in Amsterdam, whether Killzone: Sahdow Fall shaping up to be PS4's killer app."

"And for a moment, it seems so."

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fghtrer3fb5erg1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It looks beautiful! That water on the second video O.O

Eonjay1823d ago

Killzone Day continues

MrDead1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


Thanks for posting the three methods of attack. This game is taking the Killzone series to a new level.

The silenced weapon you see in the stealth vid is very similar to the female's main weapon from the original Killzone, it'll be nice to use that gun again I do enjoy the stealthy approach.

Edit: I have seen a 4th approach to this mission but I can't find it.

malokevi1823d ago

That water looks insane. I love the space elevator, too. Game is gorgeous.

MWong1823d ago

The game looks so beautiful to be a launch title. I loved the smoke that came off the gun in the 1st vid @ 2:38 and the water in the 2nd vid was amazing.

ssj271823d ago

This seem like a amazing campaign!
GG has made KILLZONE SF a amazing game from every aspect!

campaign and mp seem to be fun and very well done.

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Pintheshadows1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

This looks phenomenal. I love the huge difference in aesthetics between these two pieces of gameplay and it looks like stealth is really a viable option using the Shadow Marshall's abilities and the OWL. Plus the weapons look like they pack a real punch and the gun models are fantastic.

Also, the sound design in the woodland is really good.

1823d ago
sandman2241823d ago

I can't stop drooling. This is why I favor ps4 over Xbox one. They make next gen looking games.

Hakoom1823d ago

"they make next gen looking game"

Plagasx1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Have you seen Ryse??... That looks pretty next gen to me...

sandman2241823d ago

Ruse looks good but I still want to see more before I judge. I still haven't seen a current video of campaign gameplay. If you know a link I can view it please send. Just for the record I pre ordered both consoles. So I'm not anti Xbox. I'm just more into ps4 games. Killzone especially.

Hakoom1823d ago

i have seen all next gen games
only killzone and deep down look nextgen tbh..
rest of the games can be done on ps3..

JCOLE131951823d ago

I don't know what's up with the disagrees. Both games look fantastic and next gen.

fghtrer3fb5erg1823d ago

Kz sf and ryse look stunning.

Cuzzo631823d ago

Ha ha. Somehow this looks better. Two different games tho. If only a certain game would have been ready at launch. Sure it would also eat Ryse alive. Ohhh that ashy man of death. In Ps4 glory. I can only imagine the epicness of Kratos rage for the ps4. Sorry I got off topic.

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Hakoom1823d ago

This is what i call " nextgen"
a game that shows what the ps4 can do
cant wait to see naughtydogs new game :D

Jughead34161823d ago

Whoever disagreed with you clearly isn't getting a PS4. I don't care if you're an XBOX fanboy or any other kind of fanboy. This game is freakin impressive

Hakoom1823d ago

only xbones wil disagree 100%
they might also tell you zoo tycoon looks beter :p

JCOLE131951823d ago

I'm getting an Xbox and I agreed with him. The game looks amazing.

Magicite1823d ago

This game shows only part of PS4 true power!

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