Latest “Only in Battlefield 4″ Trailer is Pretty Lame, Shows Something You Can do in a Ton of Games

The "Only in Battlefield 4" series of short trailers has been very cool so far, showing stunts that were definitely spectacular. Apparently, though, the campaign is running out of juice, or at least of spectacular stunts.

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WorldGamer2692d ago

Hmm.... I wouldn't say it's lame tho. Definitely a great heads-up move regardless of the game. Can't wait for this one.

Abriael2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Agree to disagree there, killing two people with explosive is something really basic I'd say. For sure not "Only in battlefield".

malokevi2692d ago

Just lame because of that dry British accent.

Spot of tea, please?

djplonker2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

There is no such thing as a british accent...

Britain is 4 countrys

malokevi2692d ago

lol..... right on, bud.

I don't know if you're including Dominions to start some sort of lame argument.... and I don't care.

malokevi2692d ago

*googles "british accent"*

Oh yeah, I forgot, only on N4g. lol.

nugnugs2692d ago

There's no single English accent either.
Off the top of my head there is Geordie, Liverpudlian, Yorkshire/Lancashire, Manchester, Brummie (Midlands), west country (pirate to anyone who does'nt know) Southern, Cockney and upper class posh [email protected], all wildly different, within England.

malokevi2692d ago

you guys are about as entertaining as a bag of nails.

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TekoIie2692d ago

To be honest this "Only in BF" campaign is lame. It's just a bunch of actors saying how amazing the game is.

Something closer to "You're mom hates Dead Space 2" would've been better ;)

Blastoise2692d ago

I'm not really as excited for Battlefield 4 as I used to be

iR_phantasm2692d ago

Same, especially after playing the beta. Its not bad, but feels like ive been there, and done that too many times.

TekoIie2692d ago

Same here! Haven't been this excited for a shooter in ages.

Just thought I'd give a heads up that if anyone's going for the PC version and wants premium I'd really recommend this offer:

MidnytRain2692d ago

Well, it's not like that there aren't another hundred if these trailers that are more representative. Don't see why this particular one matters.

McScroggz2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

This is in direct in comparison to Call of Duty. Battlefield 4's message is basically, "Hey, look at all of this craziness that can happen in each map. In Call of Duty, all you do is shoot people with the same guns you've been using for 4 years. You never know what's going to happen in our game."

And, I gotta say, as somebody who doesn't play a lot of multiplayer and doesn't have an innate preference I think this subtle message is a smart one. That commercial where the guy is talking about running from a tank and the tank keeps shooting top far ahead and creating holes in buildings that allows the player to keep running. That's crazy (a little hyperbolic, but still).

I think DICE needs to have a commercial where they basically call out all of those stories in the new CoD commercials for being the story and not multiplayer - then poke fun at people not playing the CoD single player. Then, they need to show footage of insane stuff happening in a multiplayer match of Battlefield 4 and some real reactions of the players.

That would be a BOLD statement.

STK0262692d ago

Battlefield needs to stop trying to get CoD fans to hop on the BF bandwagon; all they risk doing is alienate their own fanbase. Call of Duty is faster than Battlefield, the small maps are not limiting Call of Duty, they are part of Call of Duty and likely will always be, just like Counter-Strike is set in small maps and not in large battlefields. For the last few years, all DICE has done to BF is make it a bit more like CoD hoping CoD fans will switch game; but they have ignored a lot of complaints coming from the core of their own fanbase, people who played BF, not because it's similar to CoD, but because of its own strengths.

ambientFLIER2692d ago

Well said. Leave COD to be whatever it is and focus on core BF gameplay. There's room for both. COD is great for a quick game of intense and fast paced combat and BF is good for tactical play.

Neonridr2692d ago

Regardless, I do enjoy these Battlefield commercials. It is interesting seeing what can happen, regardless if these are "actual players" or just people paid to say that stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.