A Fresh Take on Knack | IGN

A look at the PS4 platformer from someone who just played it for the first time.

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Mikelarry1819d ago

knack was my 2nd purchase, and i am gonna enjoy every bit of it like guy from the ps4 advert

Sevir1819d ago

Im picking up Knack along with KZ:SF. I Honestly think that Knack is going to surprise alot of the naysayers. I simply cant wait for it. Nov 15th cant come soon enough.

G20WLY1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Regarding the only negative IGN mentioned: enemy bodies disappearing once killed... Maybe that's by design, as it is aimed at families as well as core gamers (with the difficulty adjusted accordingly and via co-op play).

You don't really want dead bodies strewn everywhere - far better to take the 'vapourised the baddy' route.

Just a thought - it's certainly not a lack of PS4 memory, that much we know! This and KZ day 1! :)

Sketchy_Galore1819d ago

The disappearing bodies thing had been bugging me too only for me it's not necessarily the fact that they disappear but how they do it, they just fade out a second after dying. I just think something as small as having Goblins disappear in a little puff of magical smoke and mech enemies going in a tiny explosion would just make it look that much nicer.

I like a lot of what I see in Knack but its the little things like that that are standing out to me. The enemies that just disappear and the camera that just floats at a consistent angle, never seeming to swoop to some exciting cinematic angle. There just seems to be a lack of those little extra touches that add character and personality. The characters and basic style look cool and charming but the overall presentation just seems bland. Like it should come in a plain white case that reads, 'Mark Cerny's Goblin related action platforming entertainment product'.

G20WLY1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I completely agree with your first paragraph, that's a great idea.

You lost me a bit towards the end, but we're all different, huh? ;)

PinkFunk1819d ago


Had a good laugh. But yes I'm afraid I agree with you that Knack doesn't appeal to me for those same reasons. I suppose it's just a game that I have a faint interest in (because it's developed my Mark Cerny's team), but frankly doesn't seem to float my boat. But I wait for reviews, and if it ends up being a good story, with good gameplay, I might just develop an interest!

Thomaticus1819d ago

It's good to have a fun platfomer for day one. Knack looks like it'll be fun to play.

theXtReMe11819d ago

My thoughts on this game have been back-and-forth since we first heard about it. Sometimes I feel as if the gameplay is just too simplistic and other times I feel as if the game is the perfect game to start the next generation with. I always feel as if a console launch should be accompanied by a great platformer.

I'm just going to go ahead and add this to my download list on PSN. Well I believe it looks simplistic in design, I can't help but to want to play it as my first game after I power my new system on.

Between this and Killzone, I am going to be in gaming heaven come the early morning hours of November 15.

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