The Nintendo Wii Is Nearing The End Of The Road explains why the Wii will have a short lived life cycle. From poor planned peripherals to games based off movies. Unless the Wii can pull out all the tricks up their sleeves, they will always be a real gamers 3rd choice.

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PS360WII3832d ago

What like 5 years as all their other consoles had? Wow good job you deserve a cookie

Genesis53832d ago

Yeah. Well it's making them money by the truck load right now.

GutZ313831d ago

What episode of south park was that picture taken from?

ItsDubC3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

"Can Nintendo rebound from these problems? I highly doubt they will."

Nice objective journalism there, considering the author presents no facts explaining why he doubts.

Bleucrunch3831d ago

Nintendo wont be the 3rd choice for real gamers they will be 4th or 5th choice because we still have pc gaming to consider.

iamtehpwn3832d ago

Is that they don't use Peripherals to their max.
could you imagine would WiiFit would be like on 360 or PS3? You could probably have push up contests, and look at each other doing it via webcam.

PS360WII3832d ago

oh dude that would be the coolest and most innovative idea ever!!!!! or not.... ;)

iamtehpwn3832d ago

lol. I think it would be cool. There's a lot of cool potentially online features there. I can imagine a 360 audience especially enjoying a game like WiiFit on 360.

Nintendo makes so many franchises with Untapped Potential.
I could kill for some Twilight Princess DLC.

PS360WII3832d ago

yes there are a lot of untapped potential. A balance board on the other consoles would be pretty slick as well. I'm just hoping for more then just the skiing game to come out for the board ^^

KingKirchner3832d ago

"they will always be a real gamers 3rd choice"

But the majority of people buying Wiis aren't what we'd call "real gamers"

I don't see Wii slowing down soon. They'll just keep coming out with new periferals like WiiFit that get the media to love them so people will buy more wiis.

IntelligentAj3832d ago

I wish we would stop seeing articles like this. Why can't people just accept the fact that the Wii will continue to sell.