Xbox One Will Support Eight For Party Chat At Launch

GI - "Yesterday, we reported that the PlayStation 4 will support party chat for up to eight users. This prompted us to ask Microsoft about the Xbox One's group feature to find out what users can expect."

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Sayai jin1824d ago

Good to hear. A person can currently do this on XBL.

hankmoody1824d ago

I'm happy that the player profile pics will be much, much larger this time around. Tired of these postage stamp sized avatar pics.

Godhimself_In_3d1824d ago

Great im not going to lie tho im getting both ps4 xbone but it would be awesome to party chat across both systems lol im only dreaming here

SITH1824d ago

Skype may work. I'm only guessing here.

VENOMACR12271824d ago

Surprised it's only 8. Right now the 360 is doing 8 so why can't they up it to 12 or 16? Since the PS4 is just starting out with party chat I can understand 8, because its better than what they had But to me the X1 should support more than 8. Than again I've never tried to have more than 8 in a party so doesn't really matter. I don't use party chat that much anyways. I need to communicate to the rest of the morons on my squad usually so I mostly use in-game chat.