Killzone Shadow Fall - Field Report | GameTrailers

GT - "We head to both sides of the wall to deliver hands-on impressions of the PS4's biggest launch game."

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sigfredod1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Wow the hellgan kids without the glowing googles really look harmless, until you realize they draw a gun and is pOinting at you lol.
Offtopic that Daniel guy remind me of a Grim with a wig from resistance lol, killzowned!

WorldGamer1820d ago

Agree on both of your observations. lol.

WorldGamer1820d ago

Funny how he criticizes the level design as basically being too open ended in now you tackle an objective, yet I believe there was the same problem in Halo 2 sometimes, where my friend and I were running around looking for the way to the next section.

If it were linear like the last KZ games, then they would complain about that. I think fact is, KS:SF probably requires a bit more thought when navigating the environments. It seems like it provides the player with options and he was expecting the same sort of hand holding from the last games.

His confusion actually makes me want this game even more. Can't wait to replay levels taking different approaches. And can't wait for the MP segment.

Eonjay1820d ago

I couldn't help myself, I preordered it today.

scott1821820d ago

So many great articles recently, this game looks stunning. And gameplay looks fantastic. I will be pre ordering it too.

Thomaticus1820d ago

How can they complain about not knowing where to go when the game tells yo where the next objective is. That's not a gameplay issue.

WeAreLegion1820d ago

You press a button that shows you a path to the next objective, like every Killzone game before it. (Same with Dead Space)


Holeran1820d ago

Finally learned more about the game from this video. Good job. And just makes me more excited for it. It looks to be fantastic.

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