Killzone: Shadow Fall is Beautiful and Challenging | IGN

PS4's exclusive shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall is available at launch. And there's no denying how promising it is.

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G20WLY1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

True, funny and disturbing all at once! :D

This really does look awesome!

Starbucks_Fan1819d ago

I really want to see that movie

WeAreLegion1819d ago

There are showings tonight. I'm seeing it after Rifftrax.

Ju1819d ago

Just gonna say...I say the preview recently...unexpectedly...and I could not stop the rest of the people there. LOOOL

Eludin1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Killzone looks great but not amazing. look

DoomeDx1819d ago

Facial tech is great on the Ryse.

The rest however....

mdluffy1819d ago

That's the only thing that looks worse than Ryse, killzone beats Ryse in everything else!!!!!!!!!

Ju1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Agreed...if you run sub res and focus on one character instead of gameplay, no surprise there...different games, I guess. Why not compare that with the Sorcerer Demo instead.

WeAreLegion1819d ago

In-game faces don't look quite as good as that though. That's an in-engine face, but not in-game.

Eludin1819d ago

everything in ryse is in-game. cutscene models are the same as in-game.

WeAreLegion1819d ago

Oddly enough, they are not. Much like the Uncharted series, all cut scenes are created with the game's engine, but they look better than the game play.

ThatCanadianGuy5141819d ago

Was that pic taken before or after Ryse had it's 1080p downgrade to 900p?

nosferatuzodd1819d ago

cant tell if thats the xbox one or a nvidia pc

MasterCornholio1819d ago

It still looks better than RYSE though.

Why are we even comparing the two? Its better to compare Killzons with other FPSs than with something like Ruse.

P.S And Killzone is rendered at 1080P

Nexus 7 2013

Xsilver1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Now Compare the environment in Ryse to Killzone :)yes Killzone environments kill Ryse environments not only in scale but looks too but they win in facial tech.

Xsilver1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

could you elaborate because i don't know why you got disagrees i would like someone to show me one combat scene in Ryse that compares to Killzone combat scene and i will end this discussion.

1819d ago
imt5581819d ago

It's a cut-scene in Ryse. I played Crysis 3 on highest settings on PC and i know what is the difference between cut-scenes and gameplay in CRYENGINE 3.

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Godhimself_In_3d1819d ago

killzone looks amazing ryse looks good also but i have play all crytek games farcry to crisis 3 because i was told they were great but to me they all looked great but played mediocre im getting both ps4 and xb1 on day one but if history is anything I'll take killzone anyday just my opinion

WeAreLegion1819d ago

It was the most poorly said well said thing I have read all day.

Benjammin251819d ago

Exactly. Bubbles man. People never shut up about how amazing RYSE looks, but who gives a crap about that when it looks like a 60-70% scoring game on metacritic?

1819d ago
arbitor3651819d ago

how the hell are killzone haters going to find something to complain about now?

- improved story and deeper world
- total non linearity
- better AI
- more gadgets and game-play options
- lobby based multiplayer with full customization
- more balanced MP and options for players to take out unbalances themselves, if they should arise
- a much longer campaign (up to 10 hours)
- brighter visuals and colors (which are appropriate given the setting and they brilliantly convey the contrast between the utopian vekta and the apocalyptic helghan)

seriously. if these same people who bashed killzone 3 bash this game, it will show for a fact that they are just blind haters.