DualShock 4 sticks deadzone is 20 times smaller than DualShock 3

According to Guerrilla Games, the DualShock 4 deadzone on analogue sticks is about 20 times smaller than that of the DualShock 3.

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G20WLY1819d ago

That's a HUGE improvement!

Will it make me better a Killzone?! *crosses fingers*

Alexious1818d ago

DualShock 4 is definitely a massive improvement over DualShock 3. That many developers are using it as input method in PC games demonstrations is a further testament to this truth.

WeAreLegion1818d ago

Yes. Unfortunately, it will make everyone else better at Killzone, too.

G20WLY1818d ago

Doh! Oh well, I'll take that ;)

sibbor1818d ago

LOL! True that. Damn it ;-)

nosferatuzodd1818d ago

lol you need skills too bro but i get what you're saying the controller helps a lot though lol

badboy7761817d ago

So what does this mean.? Is it good or bad???

G20WLY1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

It's a very good thing. :)

Basically, the stick starts in the centre, before you touch it. Once you touch it, say to aim a gun in a shooter, there is a little bit of stick motion that the system doesn't recognise. That's the 'deadzone' that you get with any stick on any controller. It's basically a little circle around the stick in it's resting position.

When you're trying to do tiny movements, say to get that headshot, you may barely notice a deadzone on the PS3/360. You press it slightly more and *DAMN* suddenly moves and you've gone too far!

The PS4 controller has a deadzone 20 times smaller than the PS3 controller, essentially meaning the stick is 20 times more precise in recognising initial movement, so responsiveness is massively increased.

It's a bit like getting out of a car with considerable oversteer and getting into a car with pin-sharp handling - as soon as you touch the steering wheel, you're turning!

Lord knows we're gonna need this with the cross-platform play between PC users (with their mouse and keyboard!) and PS4 users - we can now expect to compete! ;D

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meganick1818d ago

Did anyone know you can actually buy these now? I saw them on sale at Gamestop. They apparently work on PS3, but only with a cable.

MasterCornholio1818d ago

What about tablets for use with emulators?

Nexus 7 2013

nosferatuzodd1818d ago

maybe they'll bring out a patch for tab soon

Alexious1818d ago

Not on all games, though. I've read that FIFA14 doesn't work with DS4 on PS3.

Shakengandulf1818d ago

Have only herd positive about the Ds4 so far, but i haven't come across an article that mentioned battery life, has it been improved?
Btw, has anyone in Aus seen this instores yet?

tigertom531818d ago

Xbox one has also reduced there dead zone and latency by 20% percent from the old controller as well.

Hicken1818d ago

And wasn't the deadzone in the DS3 already pretty small?

Dante811818d ago

Yes, and much smaller than 360(contrary to popular opinion) already has DS4s listed for shipping. Yes!!

tigertom531818d ago

very true am sure they new controllers will have very precise sticks

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