Is Eve: Valkyrie the Killer Game for Sony’s PS4 VR Headset?

Here’s what we know: the folks at CCP (Eve Online) used their Oculus Rift dev kit to create a sublime virtual reality starship dogfighter called Eve: Valkyrie (formerly Eve: VR). Valkyrie has been exclusively demoed on PC, and at this point, Oculus Rift only works on PC.
Based on those facts, we logically assumed Eve: Valkyrie would be a PC game that uses Oculus Rift.
Not so fast, says CCP in a rather startling, eye-opening admission.

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Clover9041847d ago

Wow. Eve Valkyrie on the PS4 VR headset would be absolutely huge :D

Somebody1847d ago

After years of having highly devoted PC gamers playing their MMO, CCP released an FPS spin off exclusively for the PS3. They are branching out to new crowd, that's understandable. At least PC gamers still get to drop orbital strikes on them.

After years of teasing the power of Occulust Rift on the PC followed by the Valkyrie demo, they might be giving it exclusively to consoles instead? Branching out into new demographic with a spin off is one thing but to actually locking out the original fans from a new feature/tech that was built upon their reception in the first place is a bit too much.

After loyally following and supporting the Occulust Rift and Valkyrie development PC fans, long time EVE players in particular, get nothing out of it?