Sony show the most highly anticipated titles of Playstation 3 in May

PlayStation 3 users now have an appointment to register on their agendas.

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sonarus3883d ago

R2 don't expect much since gameplay footage is june 13. Killzone 2 is what i have my eye on as well as announcing some new games

chaosatom3333883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

i also have high hopes from Killzone 2.

isn't microsoft also having a conference showing gears 2, banjo and stuff?

looks like we are going to have ourselves a mini-E3.

fenderputty3883d ago

Yes please ... maybe I should put more emphasis on the PLEASE!

I would like to see some info on Infamous, 8 days, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles and Wardevil. It seems like all the other games coming have given us some sort of info. The ones I listed are veiled in secrecy though.

badz1493883d ago

info on KZ2 has not been updated for months! we've been hyped for the damn game since the PS3 launched and as of right now, still no exact release date. to think about it carefully, HAZE was announced later than KZ2 and also got delayed several times, people got really mad but somehow it already has a confirmed 20th May 08 release! even Resistance 2 already got a fall release confirmed! what happen actually to KZ2?

dude_uk3883d ago

Holy Crap...

is that available to the public????
*eyes shine*

whoelse3883d ago

I hope they will be showing new Killzone stuff and not all the old.

LightningPS33883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

It's almost May and all we have is Gran Turismo Prologue which is basicly a demo.

They haven't showen any new games, any release dates. What ever happen to White Knight Chronicles or Heavy Rain? We still have no clue what that game looks like.

Either everything will be delayed into 2009 or they're gonna stuff everything into the fall?

Fishy Fingers3883d ago

We have release dates, for MGS, Haze, LBP, Resistance 2 and pretty much Killzone (November). That right there is enough to justify having the PS3.

Rugludallur3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Well since there hasn´t really been a big gaming conference like E3, they haven´t had the chance to announce or show off something big, they are just waiting, just like Nintendo(remember the promise from Reggie that they will steal E3 somehow?) and Microsoft(Still haven´t heard anything new for splinter cell,Allan wake or Banjo.) In the summer we are going to be flooded with news from new and exciting games from Sony,Nintendo and Microsoft.

lodossrage3883d ago

You say all we have is gt prologue with it being almost May. Yet all of the games people want are DATED for April and beyond. And for a "demo" prologue is selling quite successfully.

And for the record, I don't know about YOU. But most of us HAVE seen white knight story in play

KingKirchner3883d ago

I think someone's just bitter. Yes, GT5: P is out now, and in less than 2 months MGS4, and sometime summer/early fall LPB, Disgaea 3 this summer, November Resistance2, Motorstorm 2 this fall, Killzone almost deffinitly this year.

and expect announcments on InFamous (great possibility of this year), New Naughty Dog Game (Jak 4?), White Knight Chronicles, FFXIII (most likely 09), God of War 3 in 09, Heavy Rain, etc. at E3. Many of them will probably come this year. Plus they might announce a few new games at E3, since it's the place for big announcements.

and don't forget multi-plat games like GTAIV next week, Soul Calibur IV in July, Fallout 3, many more.

With all that, You'd be rich to have the money to want more than that in one year.

solar3883d ago

i really want to see anything on Heavy Rain.

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