Running their game at 1080P/60 FPS is currently Vision Trick’s goal right now for Pavillion

"With all the drama surrounding whether or not next generation consoles will run games at 1080p/60 frames per second, we recently got in touch with the duo of Rickard Westman and Henrik Flink from Vision Trick."

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gameseveryday1845d ago

Title was too long for n4g, hence I had to trim it. My apologies for the same.

On topic: Killzone Shadow Fall running at 60FPS during Multiplayer should be enough proof that in a year or two most games on PS4 will run at that standard.

GarrusVakarian1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

"Killzone Shadow Fall running at 60FPS during Multiplayer should be enough proof that in a year or two most games on PS4 will run at that standard."

Yep, especially considering how every single console generation sees a significant graphical upgrade in the first couple of years after launch. This gen will be no different, 1080p 60fps will be the standard for the PS4, 1st party titles at least.

pyramidshead1845d ago

yup, once devs tap into that gpgpu potential things will start to fly indeed! GG said they only scraped the surface, I like to think of an analogy of someone slicing the very tip off the top of a pyramid made out of hardware potential..leaving the rest behind to play with for the upcoming years and on wards! :P.

first1NFANTRY1845d ago

Apologise mate, meant to hit agree.

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Bluebird81845d ago

For me gaming on a 42" plasma from 2meters away, 1080p is nice, but hardly required. I prefere 720p over 30fps. Though it seems like 1080p 60fps will become the standard. I'm looking forward to seeing more interaction with the environment and more objects acting on the screen a the same tiime. Also hoping for improved AI. Gameplay is king :)

Drekken1845d ago

$500 upgrade for 720p is not acceptable.

Darrius Cole1845d ago

Could you clarify your statement a bit? It looks like you meant to say that you prefer 720p at 30fps over 1080p. Is that what you meant to say?

DEEBO1845d ago

Why 720p?1080p blows it out of the water.

We are now at 4k t.v's
MS has gamers going backwards with the xbone

Bluebird81845d ago

It really depends on the size of the screen and distanse from the screen. 4k is stupid for anything smaller than 60". In the same sense 1080p on a small screen is just a waste of power that could be used elsewhere. Resolution for resolutions sake is pointless.

I do however understand people playing on projectors an large tv screens.

Drekken1845d ago

The only people saying they don't see the difference or 1080p isn't important are the xbone fans. I have no idea why they are such die hard fans but I would love to see who signs their paychecks.

Bluebird81845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I do see the difference and i've preordered the ps4. What i was saying is simply that i want to see a richer environment over a miniscule improvement in resolution (it is on my system).

Also, it seems we'll get both so it isn't really a big deal.

DEEBO1845d ago

Yeah I agree with you
I never went in to BestBuy seeing 720p full hd

Software_Lover1845d ago

Xbox fans? Really? Those are the only people saying it?

You people just amaze me at how die hard your stances are when it comes to an issue. If someone disagrees, they are automatically Nazis. It's just sad.

Sadist31845d ago

I would hope they're not running into issues with 1080p and 60fps, they're making a simplistic indie game that looks like it could be on an ipad. I love how these guys making simplistic games brag about 1080p 60fps.