GTA V Sultan RS location solves frustration

Product-Reviews writes: If you love your rare cars in GTA V, you are probably looking where to find the Sultan RS spawn location. The good news, is that we have some videos for you to watch, showing where you can find the Sultan RS in both story and GTA online mode.

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FRAKISTAN1823d ago

can the sultan rs be fitted with a tracker?

BattleTorn1823d ago

Yes. Because technically, it's just a Sultan, with all the upgrades.

The "RS" logo is one the custom additions.

iceman061823d ago

Yeah, it's a standard car...but has a lot of tuning options.

SuperBlur1823d ago

i always find a few of them near Trevor's personal hangar.

tr00p3r1823d ago

Usually one by the docks as well.

Zancruz1823d ago

Damn, Wish I knew this a while ago.... But I've been rocking my Joker themed RS for weeks now. It's funny how when you're looking for something you can never find it, but once you're not they always popping up! Lol

GoreMaster1823d ago

Wasnt the Sultan RS from GTAIV a coupe? This just seems like a ricer version of it. Plus the side exhaust is what made it awesome and the wide kit.

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