Nintendo Download for October 24, 2013 (North America)

This week's North American Nintendo Download will include Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Also, Assassin's Creed IV, Batman: Arkham Origins will come to the Wii U eShop a little late in the week. Also, for retro gamers, Pinball and Baseball come to the Wii U Virtual Console while Star Solider fights its way onto the 3DS VC.

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brewin1819d ago

I love my Wii u, but the virtual console has become a running joke for a while now. Seriously, with so many classic titles in the stable why the hell are pinball and baseball the new vc releases? I thought things would really pick up after Earthbound but they've gotten dire. A few good capcom releases over the past couple months, but where is the good stuff? With link between worlds coming I'd love to play through link to the past on the gamepad. Its a very strange strategy they have going. Where are the n64 and GameCube titles. That's what should be on the vc, not early gen nes stuff that wasn't great when it came out in the first place. How do they determine what gets released?

JuleyJules1818d ago

I agree there are many more games they should be releasing instead of obscure games from way, way back in their library. What's with Pinball when we have Zen Pinball 2, tennis when we're about to have Wii Sports Club tennis and baseball? We also need to see a new Direct soon and maybe some surprises of games we heard of early this year maybe with release dates, games out sooner than expected perhaps, new game we haven't heard of yet etc, maybe info on when N64 and Gamecube games are coming to VC. Another update in winter perhaps?? Something to get people excited before Mario 3D World is out and PS4 and Xbone take all the spotlight.

Dunban671818d ago

It really is hard to understand how they choose their VC E shop games-

Their goal should be to get the whole library on the E shop asap- it would generate far more revenue for them than it does now and with Nintendo s library, I think it would actually move some consoles if they started getting significant parts on their library up sooner or later

Benjaminkno1818d ago


I can't say Nintendo hasn't been arrogant these last few years.

This holiday is going to be quite interesting.