6 Ways to Make Pokemon X and Y More Challenging

Gameranx: "We've compiled six ways to make Pokemon X and Y more difficult."

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grahf1822d ago

#6) Grind != Challenge, I welcome the new Exp Share addition!
#5) Megas aren't THAT powerful =/ And you get your first legendary fairly close to the end. And who evolves Goomy anyway??? (jk) I haven't used a mega for 99% of the story so far.
#4) Could be challenging, but I do this for online competition anyway. If you know strengths/weaknesses you can overcome.
#3) Can't do this in competition anyway, so I don't usually do it out of habit.
#2) Again, this is the competitive default so doesn't make the game harder, you just have to be more tactical.
#1) This will make the game harder, and to a depending on your tolerance a lot more interesting.

1 out of 6 isn't bad

DarkHeroZX1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Actually mega Pokemon are very powerful. Some are down right broken, if you actually understand the game Mechanics and play to a Mega's strength. Lucario was top tier before but with a base attack, defense, speed, Sp.atk increase in His Mega form swords dance isn't as necessary anymore. Especially with it's ability being adaptability. Its power is Equal to holding a Choice band and a life orb. On top of that it got a massive speed boost, out speeding all it's common threats like Latios/latias, garchomp, jolly Arcanine and Gliscor, regular gengar etc. And can 1 hit KO all of them perspectively. And unless you are completely immune or have a 4x resistance to close combat it will 1 hit to two hit anything. I know because I've swept the entire game with Lucario and my competitive Mega Lucario demolishs most teams alone online. I've so far lost only one match and that's when I didn't use Lucario.