Rockstar Claims They Will Fix GTA Online Economy, But Can't Remove Mega Exploit Money

Gameranx: "Surprise email response from Rockstar contradicts their earlier public statements."

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-Foxtrot1910d ago

I think this is to get back at Rockstar for cutting how much you make in missions since it's obvious they want people to get fed up and buy their microtransactions.

cleft51910d ago

I would feel bad for R* if it wasn't for what they did to the missions. They basically made the missions pointless as a way of gaining cash or RP. So you are either playing the missions purely for fun or you are buying Shark Cards.

Had they just left the missions alone a lot more people would be on their side. A lot of folks are more than willing to grind out missions for cash and RP, but when they intentionally kill that a major problem is created.

One of the things I loved about the Mass Effect 3 mp was that I never needed to buy a single microtransaction to enjoy the mp. It was completely legit for me to just spend hours grinding missions at a chance of better loot. Also, you could get the best loot at level 1 or level level 100. It was completely random and even people who brought microtransactions still had to deal with the random based system. R* essentially locked their best items behind cash and levels. A level 100 glitcher can completely crush everyone else in the game because they have access to so much other stuff. It puts people in a situation where they either need to spend money or cheat. Even if they do spend money it still doesn't eliminate the huge advantage that level 120 players have over everyone else.

JeffGUNZ1910d ago

I agree. I don't understand their point of saying their was a loop hole. I mean, seriously, they only HAVE missions right now and they are limited. I don't enjoy racing and team death match gets old quick, so how else do they expect people to gain money and RP other then replaying missions? I can see them doing this when they add heists and other missions/activities and ways for people to obtain RP and income. R* needs to get their sh*t together in regards to this online. Making the payout less than the amount for ammo and armorer for the missions make most of them pointless to do. The Stimulus was promised early LAST week and here we are, still no concrete date. In the day and age, you can't promise people something on a specific timeline to then not follow through and give vague references on when it will actually be provided. They still said by the end of this week and I see nothing. They are losing a lot of players patience and will see a large decrease in their numbers when COD Ghosts comes out if they haven't fixed this mess.

badz1491910d ago

douchebag R*

can't remove exploit, console-ban anyone taking advantage of it!

Septic1910d ago

It looks like the illicit money has been laundered far too deeply into the GTA world and the logistics of tracking this down are probably far too much for Rockstar.

Lol you gotta laugh though; it goes with the spirit of the game.

Sayai jin1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

@Septic, My dear Watson, you are goes with nature of the game.

"Money being laundered" LOL

Dfooster1910d ago

I doubt $973,000 in game credits costs $20,000 in real money somehow.

iceman061910d ago

I agree. I think I remember them selling like 250k packs for less than $5. If they meant 973 million, i would be way lazy to calculate, but I don't think it reaches 20k in real money.

SavageFlamingo1910d ago

The picture shows 973 mil. So that's how much it is.

OhReginald1910d ago

973,000,000 not 973,000. they just forgot to add three zeros

arjman1910d ago (Edited 1910d ago )

I think $1,250,000 costs £13.49 in GTA, so $973,000,000 is equivalent to £10,500 or $17,010...although Rockstar equating that to lost cash is absurd since there's no way players would spend even a fraction of that amount on the cards.

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iceman061910d ago

The stream that they showed in the article, Streamhouse, basically has a person from the house play the same character 24/7. They lost millions in assets when the servers were unstable. (level 70+ character with 400k apartment and 5 fully loaded premium vehicles) They contacted R* on several occasions and got a scripted response. Their character came back, but none of the assets. I wouldn't be surprised if the hacker fairies gifted them some cash (especially saying as though they have thousands of people watching just about 24/7 from all over the world).

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