Batman Arkham Origins dev faced "resistance and reluctance" at "every level"

The game's senior producer Ben Mattes told Eurogamer that WB Montreal had experienced "hesitation" from within the company, as well as a fair amount of scepticism from fans.

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Mikelarry1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

as a fan i wasn't too keen when i heard about the changes

Kevin Conroy was not batman i mean Kevin Conroy is BATMAN

then rocksteady wasn't working on it

but over time and after seeing videos of the developer talking about the game with excitement and how well the voice actors both roger and troy, i am now a believer.

Pintheshadows1821d ago

You should be. It is really good. Best prequel I have played. It is definitely more of the same but if you don't mind that then you will love it.

vikingland11821d ago

just curious what console did you play it on? I'm getting it on PS3.

Ezz20131821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

you pretty much said what's on my mind
this game really shocked me at how good it is
i thought it would be just another lame prequel
but it story is just too damn awesome
and i love the new moves and gadgets
boss fights are beyond incredible
in fact i think it's better than any batman game i played this gen
so far it's my 2nd best game after TLOU this year

Dat Deathstroke fight

Pintheshadows1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

PS3. It looks pretty much exactly the same as Arkham City to be honest but it is a lot bigger. This is the same Gotham as well. You'll recognise areas from Arkham City, but they are all covered in snow. It actually makes me feel cold when I play it.

And I agree Ezz, the boss fights are the best in the series so far and the story is really engaging. I love the way that Alfred wants Bruce to take Christmas off and he is having none of it. Poor Alfred.

Stsonic1821d ago

Where are the reviews!

Deividas1821d ago

The embargo isnt lifted till the release, so tomorrow you should start getting them all over the place. Odd they didnt lift it till release day.

JustInTlME1821d ago

Usually a sign of a weak product…but not always..

Deadpoolio1821d ago

I wonder If it has not occurred to the may people that keep crying about the reviews that perhaps because it has MP on everything but the Wii U that perhaps most sites might want to oh I dunno actually get some hands on with the MP.....

Bercilak1821d ago

Already laying the groundwork for mediocre reviews, methinks.

Deadpoolio1821d ago

Well except for ya know the few unheard of sights that have reviews up and gave it 8s....Or the fact that it has MP and the bigger sites might actually want to oh I dunno actually get some hands on with the MP before posting a review....I know crazy but some people might actually want to know if the MP is any good knowing that the SP will more than likely be good

TripC501821d ago

You are really good at typing like how a punkish person would talk. I read your comment in Jesse Pinkman's voice from Breaking Bad. In my opinion having a review embargo until release day is never a good thing. Ever. Even games with Multiplayer get reviews before release.

Bercilak1812d ago

What do you think now?

Don't be naive. When a company starts publicly noting the obstacles to making a product before that product has been released on the market, you know there are going to be problems.

And that's exactly what happened here.

Neonridr1821d ago

WB Montreal handled the Wii U port of Arkham City, so they at least had some previous experience with the Batman Universe.

Will be interested to see what the reviews look like. First one I have seen shows it at 8/10.

Software_Lover1821d ago

Have it preloaded on steam right now.

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