AMD Radeon R9 290 ‘Hawaii Pro’ Performance Results Leaked – On Par With The Titan For $449?

AMD’s upcoming Radeon R9 290 ‘Hawaii Pro’ performance numbers have possibly been leaked by Overclockers .Co.Uk. AMD just announced their Radeon R9 290X graphic card today at an amazing price of $549 boasting an impressive performance against the competition and would now focus on the launch of their next Hawaii GPU, aka the Radeon R9 290.

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Kleptic1847d ago

Not sure what to make of this article...full tests of the 290x just showed up everywhere this morning...and it trades blows with the Titan on nearly every game tested...the 290x seems to handle 1440p a frame or two higher in most cases, but drops back a few when increasing resolutions beyond that...

so I highly doubt the 290 is going to be 'on par' with the the 290x is currently 'on par' to begin with...the 290 reference cards will probably be more in line with the 780Ti, where as OC'd 280x's are more in line with the standard 780...

in either case...the value in the $450 will finally make sense...the 770 currently was the only card in those ranges, where the ~$300 280x matched it easily...if Nvidia gets the 780 down into the <$500 range, any builder will have a lot of good options...