Why Handheld Gaming Consoles are here to stay

Omnigamer writes, "These days one wonders, how can a gaming handheld compete against the more widely used mobile device? Will there even be a need for devices such as these in the future or will mobile phones and tablets take over the handheld game industry? Never fear, here’s why hand held gaming won’t become obsolete."

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iamnsuperman1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

"hand held gaming consoles are far more affordable than mobile devices. The prices for
the gaming consoles generally range from $100-$300, and for mobile devices capable of
playing similar games it can cost $300-$700 without a contract."

Keyword phrase here is "without a contract" because they are not with contract (short term cost is not the preferred option over long term cost. Easier and less demanding with long term costs). I have an Xperia for no extra cost except the £30 a month. The fact is the 3DS and the Vita struggled to sell at 250 which is a sign that price is not on their side. Sales were (is in the Vita) poor. The problem is perceived value is a lot less which makes me think this will be the last proper iteration of handheld devices. With the rise of streaming services those types of games could appear on smartphones and that smart phone games are becoming very popular is it possible unlikely that anyone will make another expensive handheld system when a smartphone can supply that market.

I see Nintendo making another one but at a much lower cost (so not a major upgrade) and Sony abandoning it (not the Vita yet; they will let it have its run) and using their tablet and smartphone range to fill the market with the help of Gaikai

tubers1845d ago

Smartphones continue to dominate in world wide sales as it becomes more and more of a necessity in developed modern living.

A nexus 4 off-contract was on a fire sale weeks ago @ $ 199.99. Nexus 5/4 2013 will be @ 350.

Yeah. I can see Nintendo still trying a more traditional dedicated portable machine during the next round.

I see the VITA platform being absorbed in the mobile department. Maybe Sony selling a redesigned VITA for mainly streaming.

Global infrastructure development is a factor in adapting Cloud Gaming Services and also cost of the networks.

WeAreLegion1845d ago

Yeah...I think they'll bleed over into the phone market.

Sony's next mobile gaming platform would be something more like the Xperia Play. If I were them, I would be borrowing that haptic feedback technology from Valve for it. You would have both the entire Google Play Store and anything Sony's first party studios release. And obviously PS1 games, possibly PS2, PSP, and Vita games, as well. ;)