PCGamer- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview – it’s tough to do good in Geralt’s brutal world

PCG:There’s a creature in the woods slaughtering villagers. The elders want to appease the gods in the hope that it will move on. The leader of the village’s young upstarts disagrees, and wants you – a professional monster slayer – to bring him the beast’s head for a bag of gold. What do you do?

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GarrusVakarian1910d ago

Man this game is going to be amazing, im glad its been off the radar lately, tells me they are hard at work making it as good as they can.

Geralt is a badass, now he's older he's even more badass. I just hope his arthritis doesn't stop him from slaying some monsters, lol.

1910d ago
richierich1910d ago

Please show us some new footage articles are nice and all but how about some more gameplay and not CG