There's STILL no place like home…

From the Sarcastic Gamer editorial: "Sony announced today that the Playstation Home Open Beta has been pushed back until Fall '08 and the Closed Beta will be "expanded" both in length and number of testers. This announcement seems to have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way as if there is somehow this technological Utopia they're being told they can't enter yet. Sony (ie. "the man") is somehow keeping them down. It seems like some of you think this is somehow cruel and unusual punishment. You know what? Suck it up guys.

It's generally a good idea to delay if someone's coming out with software or a service and THEY say it's not ready. Shigeru Miyamoto has a pretty good outlook on this kind of situation with reference to games (and no, Home isn't a game, but his outlook applies here nonetheless). He said "A late game is only late until it comes out, a bad game is bad forever." Obviously that statement was made before the "release now, patch later" mentality of today's console landscape was commonplace or even possible."

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toughNAME3834d ago

It should have been ready for a Spring release, like Sony said after the first delay.

Fishy Fingers3834d ago

So much palaver over Home. As far as I'm concerned it comes when it comes. In-game XMB is what Id like.

Pornlord3834d ago

This whole argument over home and XMB is getting dull IMO.

dsolomon8183834d ago

I think a better name for this article would have been there's no home-like place.. except the sims and second life.. lol, gimme custom soundtracks, maybe some in game xmb and i'll be happy