Killzone: Shadow Fall New Gameplay- Adam Sessler Interview

Rev:Killzone: Shadowfall is Sony's big first party title launching with the Playstation 4 next month, and Adam Sessler recently got the opportunity to play the single-player and chat with the game's lead designer.

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xHeavYx1822d ago

@1:16 "I was slightly skeptic"
Of course you were, Mr Sessler, of course you were

DoomeDx1822d ago

I was skeptic about it too.

Glad to hear that it turns out pretty good!

Septic1822d ago

Never been a fan of the Killzone games but this looks like its finally got the amazing gameplay to backup the stellar visuals.

kparks1822d ago

Ive always wanted to be a fan but cant stand how the game controls hopefully there is a demo so i can try it out.. If i play the demo and like the controls ill go get it day 1!

Deputydon1822d ago

Quite honestly I'm amazed at how well this is looking so far. I loved KZ2, hated KZ3 (the online mode at least), and so far this game is exceeding my expectations. My only hope is that they have a full on clan experience like they had in KZ2.

Majin-vegeta1822d ago

Man I love how they got rid.of the XP system.And in order to get stuff you gotta do challenges.Just means more time consuming and better.results.Oh and the best part.


So it hopefully scares off the COD kiddies from the game.

Edward751822d ago

If the game is to be supported even longer, and to have as much success as possible, don't you want as many people playing as possible? I wouldn't want to scare anyone off, or away from a good game.

majiebeast1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Good interview by Sess. Good to see that they plan to support the MP for atleast 1.5 years. I still want to see them bring back operations, easily the best thing about KZ3 MP.

fghtrer3fb5erg1822d ago

People are complaining about the rain, it looks good to me, it even looks better than the rain i see pouring down in real life!

feraldrgn1822d ago

Looks brilliant, will probably get it myself & I don't like FPS much.

My only concern is that rain, looks like a screen filter with plain white lines.

Can't wait to see where they go from here though, with the more open areas.

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The story is too old to be commented.