Solid Snake figure included in European MGS4 LE?

According to Swedish game retailer site Webhallen, Europe will be getting their own Limited Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots which they say includes, among other items, a Solid Snake figurine.

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heyheyhey3833d ago

ooooooh action figures

"neeoooowww, bang bang poof rakka rakka takka, trrrrrrrrrfffff kkkssshh"

monkey6023833d ago

haha that was funny. Altough i do like the Altair figure i got with the PS3 version. I like the figure of snake but if its going to be much more expensive i'm not going to bother with the LE, The soundtrack and making of dont erally interest me

UnblessedSoul3833d ago

The action fiqure will probably be cheap plastic crap, so I'd take what America has over a cheap figure any day

Lucreto3833d ago

It will be interesting if this is true.

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