Far Cry 4 First Teaser Image Released?

Real or Fake? Is this the first teaser image for Far Cry 4? We don’t think so. Everything looks suspicious, Vaas looks in his natural habitat, but the logo Far Cry 4 and the text under it look very suspicious. ****SPOILERS INSIDE****

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GarrusVakarian1821d ago

Spoilers in the article for anyone who hasn't played the game yet. Sigh.

I call BS anyway........

kraideral1821d ago

Sorry :(
I added a Spoilers alert on the description above

GarrusVakarian1821d ago

I feel your pain, ive had a few games spoiled for myself here on N4G, it sucks so much. No matter how old the game is, it still sucks.

Nice to have an apology though instead of "ZOMG its 2013 and you haven't played Far Cry 3 yet! Its your own fault!"

ThichQuangDuck1821d ago

If it says Far Cry 4 first teaser image and you haven't played Far Cry 3 wouldn't that automatically mean spoilers or something to avoid.

DarthJay1821d ago

I mean, realistically, the game has been out for about a year now. At some point, it's kind of on the reader.

Kudos to the poster for adding a spoiler alert, though.

LackTrue4K1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

i don't believe you!!!

you click on a link to get info on the next installment of a game, yet you have not played the previous game?!?!


Aside from that, good games with great ratings mostly get played sooner then latter...your missing out if you haven't!

if you really had any interest in the game, you would of played it months ago. (and is it not free on PSN Plus???)

Gaming1011821d ago

Honestly, if you haven't played Far Cry 3, why are you clicking around on articles for Far Cry 4? Go play FC3 already! It's amazing!

AmbaLaBamba1821d ago

Should probably mention here that I only got so far in Far Cry 3 and stopped as I had other games, already got on PSN and plan to start again.

Also, didn't expect it to reveal any of the storyline due to it being about an image. You'd just expect image 'blah blah blah' real or fake 'blah blah blah', not the back story.

ReservoirDog3161821d ago

Honestly speaking, the good guy killing the bad guy isn't exactly too bad a spoiler. There's worse spoilers in FC3.

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ZBlacktt1821d ago

You haven't played FarCry 3 yet? Game was just free on PS Plus... it's like $15 on Craigslist. Anyway, damn was it a good game! So much better in every way over FC2. Plus it's not a hard game to plat.

GarrusVakarian1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yeah i bought it day one, just thought i would let others know about the spoiler. Yeah i got the 1000 gamerscore on it too, was easy.

The map and gameplay were brilliant, story was a little all over the place though.....

Hufandpuf1821d ago

The multiplayer sucked though. Far Cry 2 was much better.

AmbaLaBamba1821d ago

I got part way through then got distracted by other games, already downloaded it on PS3 to play through again as I've forgot where I was up to on 360.

Gamer19821821d ago

DLC rather than new game. Especially as characters never return in Far Cry games.

Harmonizer1820d ago

I guess that would make sense given the Blood Dragon DLC was a great success.

To be very honest, i'd love to play as or against Vaas again in a full game (Far Cry 4).

spicelicka1821d ago

that doesn't even look like vaas, anyone could've made this.

But the idea of playing vaas sounds freakin interesting!

Bloomy1821d ago

Agreed. Vaas doesn't even look 100% like Vaas. If that makes sense...

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0pie1821d ago

Probably bullshit... anyway look at the website, its not like its a reliable source like major outlet...

kraideral1821d ago

Why what is wrong with the website? I searched everywhere for this image, Google, Ubi Press site, Deviantart...nothing. Also when I contacted a Ubi PR they kinda "overlooked" the question, but I am not saying that this is 100% real.

0pie1821d ago

oh ok, thats cool its just i find it weird that no one else is talking about it like Ign, gamespot, giant bomb and site like that.

If it was really a "teaser" from the farcry series, people would talk a lil bit more about it, dont you think?

But in all honestly, i admire your work, the fact that you took time to contact ubi pr and looking on deviant art to see if you could see the picture somewhere else, thumbs up to you.

I was kinda mean against your site because a lot of website here only seek to get some hit with "most of the time" all made up rumors that came out of nowhere.

Im sorry for what i said before.

Stuntz1821d ago

OMG i just got really excited in the pants lol. I loved Far Cry 3 my opinion it was GOTY. Amazing game i really hope we hear more info soon and Vaas was the shitttt he was an amazing character.

Schizoid1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Yes, you are correct. Please give me Far Cry 4. Pretty Please...

fsfsxii1821d ago

Another FPS. Sheesh, i wonder where are the people who complain about creativity

jrbeerman111821d ago

Two things, this is not just another fps, most dont call gta just another 3ps.

Second this is a supposed teaser for a sequel, were you expecting a puzzle game?

Ill agree that (assuming by your picture) there arent enough rpgs and too many shooters, you just picked wrong article, wrong franchise to complain.

NarooN1821d ago

I never understood the whole "zomg moar EFF PEE ESS???" complaints. It's not like every other genre has ceased to exist or anything. And like the guy above me said, no one says "peh! another open-WURLD gaem!" when GTA V or Saints Row gets announced.

Baka-akaB1821d ago

"i wonder where are the people who complain about creativity "

Well they probably are alongside those complaining about fpses . As if both were ever mutually exclusive ...

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