Xbox One and PS4 - Next Gen or Same Gen?

Decades in a Digital World writes: Where once dreamers built amazing worlds and imagination poured down mountainsides like a torrent of white water, now tired old ideas rub shoulders with gimmicks.

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Gozer1822d ago

This guy needs to get with the times. Both next-gen boxes are entertainment systems. Entertainment being included along with gaming has been around for decades, its nothing new. I also wouldn't say having the ability to video chat is a gimmick, its a natural progression. PCs have had that option for some time now. All in all the days of a console just doing gaming went out with the video game crash in the 80s. Sony brought entertainment along with them when they made the ps1, and it thrived, not failed. Ever since then game consoles have grown more into an all in one box.

BaseAllstar1822d ago

The PS1 was surely just a gaming console and you're right it did thrive, possibly because with the focus solely on games the quality and innovation also thrived. What concerns me is that these days the games are merely another element of the full picture and there seems to be little imagination anymore as we're treated to run of the mill shooters and tweaked sports titles to play in-between chatting to mates or watching a film.
Of course it's purely a personal point of view but I hope one day there might be more developers willing to take a risk. The times have changed no doubt but unfortunately the games seem to remain the same.

Zool 081821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

@ Baseallstar
You seem to foget that the PSone also played CD's as well and some gamers were using it to play their music as well as playing games.

MasterCornholio1821d ago

Both are next gen to me.

Nexus 7 2013

Pogmathoin1821d ago

Righty on the Great Cornholio... lots of TP on sale in Fresh Co here in Canada!!!

I never played music Cd's in a console, because you always had to tell it to play it, whereas on a regular cd player, it just played when you put it in... with a regular remote...Both systems are awesome, both have what it needs to fulfill your desires... its all about choice... I look forward to having my X1 control all in my setup, also looking forward to having my PS4 beside, get great gaming anytime.... its so simple, who would have thought... coming here and see the bitching and whining and underwear sweating.... jeez....

TheEnigma3131821d ago

These are next gen system. Look at games like Killzone, Ryse, and BF4; that can't be done on current consoles.

Imalwaysright1821d ago

Gameplay wise they could be done on current gen consoles.

Zool 081821d ago

Current Gen Console's would not be able to handle these games at 1080p 60FPS.

Bluebird81821d ago

@Zool 08

the article speaks about creativity and innovation. not graphics, 1080p and 60fps..

Imalwaysright1821d ago

True but 1080p and 60FPS aren't gameplay mechanics.

Hicken1821d ago

It's the beginning of the generation. You never see the most innovative stuff right off the bat.

And while they are graphical improvements, not upgrades to gameplay, the former can still affect the latter.

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kparks1821d ago

Lol BF4 is on current consoles what are u talking about!

TheEnigma3131821d ago

Look at the difference between the 2 version.

Bluebird81821d ago

Speaking for the ps4 i would say it is "next-gen" (which is stupid, it is current gen really..) even overlooking the increese in power.

It is easy to develop for and has a much lower barrier of entry for new developers.

It has a much improved controller.

It has new downloading features and improved(so they say) downloading speeds.

Also, i am quite sure it has more features that i can't remember right now. In addition to all the improvements, it is a world away from the ps3 in hardware.

GryestOfBluSkies1821d ago

its understandable that the companies want to pay it safe to start with. they want to sell consoles so they will make games that are already part of a series that will sell.
in time we should hopefully see more titles push the limits of the machines and also have fresh and new ideas. the indies boom could really help here too.

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