PS4 Exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets 10 New and Beautiful Screenshots, Focusing on OWL and More

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a batch of new screenshots of PS4 exclusive (and launch title) Killzone: Shadow Fall, and they really look great.

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UltimateMaster1822d ago

This is a true next-gen.
(Saying that, there might actually be better games coming exclusive on the PS4 as the years goes by)

LOL_WUT1822d ago

So hyped for this game ;)

DarkHeroZX1822d ago

I really don't get how people can claim Ryse looks better than this game. The level of detail in the scenery, AI, lighting, etc make Ryse seem more and more like a 360 game.

webeblazing1822d ago

the small screen shot be killing me. seriously am I doing something wrong.

FamilyGuy1822d ago

Yeah I was trying to click them to get bigger shots too. The game is native 1080p, screenshots should be as well. -_-

webeblazing1821d ago

I don't see these articles be getting some many comments. you can barely see anything, why would anyone post give me a gif if its going to be this small.

FamilyGuy1822d ago

It's a freakin work of art. Those wilderness looking areas are amazing and have you seen the river?

The games environments are gorgeous!

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Bluebird81822d ago

It seems so bright all the time, maybe just to show off? I sure hope i won't be playing 90% of the game with the "sun" in my eyes.

GarrusVakarian1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The latest story mode gameplay has plenty of dark/moody footage in it. Personally, im glad they have made it a little brighter and more colourful.

first1NFANTRY1822d ago

I'm looking forward to playing a snow level, my goodness can u imagine....

Abriael1822d ago

It depends on the environment. Some are bright, some are not. The palette is pretty colorful. Personally I like that. There's no reason why the future needs to be all grey and brown :D

GribbleGrunger1822d ago

I took a look out of my window when I read that ... I wept a little.

garos821822d ago

@gribble you live in the uk I gather?!

TheEnigma3131822d ago

This game is just beautiful. Hurry up November 15th. We only have about 3 more weeks fellas.

fghtrer3fb5erg1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I sickens me when people show their true fanboyism like that youtube channel "gameXplain" saying kz sf looks like a ps3 game and some ps3 game called goldeneye looked Yeah soon as someone mentions their stupid fanboyism, they try to cover it up. I heard its an unofficial nintendo channel, if its true and theyre nintendo fans, my wiiU is ready to be sold and i wont even care for mario 3D, zelda, etc, they can shove them up their arses.

Abriael1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

They must have a really awesome PS3.

A normal one would implode with that kind of draw distance.

I heard Sony distributed some special prototype units to "select" sites. They're codenamed PlayStatiom 3.9. They're basically PS4s, but they lack futureproof features like GPU compute. They make it up with an autopilot feature. They play by themselves, so even idiots can use them :D


Destrania1822d ago

There's PC elitists all over the comment section of the story trailer on YouTube. A lot of the crap they spew is just sickening. It's funny too, because some of them are convinced that the trailer was made using a high end PC and not a PS4 haha. It's kind of awesome that we have a game this amazing right at launch.

AndrewLB1822d ago

Umm... they're correct. The story trailer was created using the actual games engine but on a high end PC with everything pre-rendered to optimize image quality and custom scripting used when putting together a trailer like that.

In all honesty, I think you'd be hard pressed to find ANY trailer produced on the actual console due to their inherent limitations.

There are three types of rendered content used for trailers. Trailers like that KillZone story trailer are almost exclusively made using either CGI or in-engine. CGI is done on special hardware with special software which allows for a level of quality FAR exceeding the capabilities of the game itself. In-Engine is also done on special hardware (PC) but the footage is created using the games actual engine and development tools. In-Game rendering is also completely pre-rendered and tends to have a level of quality visibly better than you'll see while playing the game because of the unlimited hardware capabilities and the accuracy of pre-rendering.
The last type is in-game rendering. In-game rendering is done in real-time on the console and is how 90% of game videos on youtube are made. Official trailers are not made in this manner.

Destrania- Making crap up like i've seen you do at least a few times this week does not help your god Sony, nor does it help with the PS4 fanboy stereotype that actually does deter undecided buyers and does not reflect well on those who like PS4 but aren't rabid nuts

Sevir1822d ago

Lmao!!!! Andrew I'm dying from your comment! So much be in that.

Destrania1822d ago

Omg lol, you've apparently lost your mind. You may want to look into that.

FullmetalRoyale1822d ago


"Umm... they're correct. The story trailer was created using the actual games engine but on a high end PC with everything pre-rendered to optimize image quality and..."


SonyNGP1822d ago

The 3 of you are just proving his point. Well done.

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Platinum_Neutral1822d ago

Oh my..
90% of the time, i'll just walk around and enjoy the graphics. November 29th can't come soon enough.

Just a little jealous on those who will play the game on november 15th ha!

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