Need For Speed: Rivals - Framerate Reported To Be Unlocked On The PC Version

DSOGaming writes: "And suddenly Need For Speed: Rivals is back on our radar. A couple of months ago, Ghost Games claimed that all versions of NFS: Rivals would be locked at 30fps. Well, it seems that’s not the case anymore. TeamVVV had the chance to test the PC build of NFS: Rivals and claimed that the framerate on PC version is unrestricted, and that those with powerful machines will be able to push 60fps."

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pete0071842d ago

locked!! how??
do they know D3Doverrider? nvidia inspector? and many others?
dead space also came locked at 30fps on PC, lazy port they even forget to remove framelocker, i had to lock to my refresh rate wich is on normal screen 120 hz, so 120fps easy