Lag-free Cloud technology To Be Showcased For The First Time At MCM London Comic Con

Approxy announced that it will showcase its instant cloud gaming technology at the Nordic Games booth during this weekend’s MCM London Comic Con.

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malokevi1824d ago

I read an article recently about a new type of cloud tech in development that offloads processing to local machines, rather than to remote servers. I also heard that MS has had this tech in mind, and it relates to their inclusion of "wi-fi direct" in the box.

So many different ways this could go. Can't wait to see how they leverage it. If they can process hundreds of AI, I'll be incredibly pleased.

dantesparda1824d ago

"Lag-free Cloud technology", blah, blah, blah, prove it!

malokevi1824d ago

Dante... a pessimist? We'll now I really have seen everything!

dantesparda1824d ago

pessimist? more like realistic. Unlike you're wannabe "happy-go-lucky" gullible @$$. I'll believe it when i see it. Til its been proven, they are just blowing smoke up our @$$.

malokevi1824d ago

My ass is smoke free. Cautious optimism be the name of the game. Debbie downerness be damned.

dantesparda1824d ago

Yay! Go them!!! there you happy? is that happy cheery enough for you?

malokevi1824d ago

Id give it a 6.8/10. Good, not great.

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kayoss1824d ago

I dont care if its lag free. At the end of the day the bottle neck will be your bandwidth. If you have crappy bandwidth you will not and can not take full advantage of Cloud technology. For now the Cloud is good for storing files and emails. Computation and gaming through cloud is still a challenge due to bandwidth.

ZBlacktt1824d ago

Lag free and free of cheaters.... will there ever be such a thing one day! lol...

cellfluid1824d ago

Talk is cheap bring it on!

1824d ago
P0werVR1824d ago

Similar to "fixed wireless" it seems. Low bandwidth but very low and sustainable latency.

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