Pirates and Vikings – Volgarr The Viking Pirated by 96% of Players

Crazy Viking Studios revealed yesterday that only around 4% of people playing Volgarr The Viking have paid for it

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PlayStation_41872d ago

wow, PC piracy is worse than I thought... But how do they measure this anyway?

Xristo1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

I hope this number is an exaggeration but I'm sure, sadly, it's not far off. When I was young (17-20) I used to get warez and ISOs from mIRC. One day it clicked and I realized that developers worked their asses off and a POS like me was robbing them. I admit that I was wrong and since then supported developers as much as the wallet (and wife) would handle. It doesn't fix my past but it does feel good to be supportive. Now, piracy just makes me sick. As a PC Gamer, this is heartbreaking. I hope others have the same epiphany I had or developers (not all) will leave the PC world for less pirated accessible systems.